Sansha Rally Point

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Faction: Sansha
Location: Nullsec
Damage Dealt: EM/Therm
Web/Scramble: Centii Loyal Minion/Ravener/Scavenger/Servant
Extras: Tracking Disruption Centus Beast/Plague Lord
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM (best), Therm(secondary)

This anomaly has two different variants(named slightly different), each Rally Point will be one or the other. The 'Sansha's Rally Point' variant is characterized by the 0 warp-in being in the middle of the rats. The 'Sansha Rally Point' variant is defined by having 2 towers. They are easily distinguishable in the scanner by the inclusion or lack of the 's in the name.

Sansha's Rally Point Variant

On warp-in everything will agro. Final kill is trigger for next wave.

Initial Group

2x Sentry Gun (Tower Sentry Sansha I)
2x Heavy Missile Battery (Sansha Heavy Missile Battery)
3-4x Frigate (Centii Butcher/Enslaver/Manslayer/Plague)
3-4x Destroyer (Centior Horror/Monster)

Wave 1

2-3x Frigate (Centii Butcher/Plague)
2x Cruiser (Centum Hellhound)

Wave 2

2-3x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Minion/Scavenger/Servant) Web & Scram
2-3x Cruiser (Centum Fiend/Hellhound)

Wave 3

2x Frigate (Centii Butcher/Enslaver/Plague)
2-3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon)

Wave 4

1-2x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Manslayer/Plague)
1-2x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon)

Wave 5

3-4x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Dameon)

Wave 6

2-3x Elite Cruiser (Centum Loyal Fiend/Hellhound/Mutilator/Torturer)
2-3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon)

Wave 7

1-2x Battlecruiser (Centatis Daemon/Devil/Phantasm)
1x Battleship (Centum Best/Plague Lord) Tracking Disruption

Sansha Rally Point Variant

On warp-in everything will agro. Final kill is trigger for next wave, except for wave 3 which is triggered by last battlecruiser of wave 2.

Inital Group

2x Sentry Gun (Tower Sentry Sansha I)
3x Destroyer (Centior Abomination/Cannibal/Devourer/Misshape/Monster)
4x Cruiser (Centum Fiend/Hellhound)

Wave 1

2-3x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Minion/Scavenger/Ravener) Web & Scram
2-3x Cruiser (Centum Mutilator/Torturer)

Wave 2

1x Elite Frigate (Centii Loyal Servant) Web & Scram
3-4x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon) Trigger

Wave 3

3-4x Cruiser (Centum Fiend/Hellhound/Torturer)
3x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Daemon)

Wave 4

1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Behemoth/Phantasm)
1-2x Battleship (Centus Mutant Lord/Savage Lord)

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