The Scope Network Has multiple small anomaly style of sites that are popping up.

For an overview of the Scope Network check Shadow of the Serpent

Scope Network Challenges

Keep up the Pressure - 5 Serpentis Shipyard and Research Sites
Law Enforcement -5 Destroy 5 D.E.D. complexes

Serpentis Sites

-- Recommended Damage Kinetic (Standard NPC Damage/Resists) ...NPC Damage Types)

Serpentis Sortie
Serpentis Information Relay
Serpentis Mobilization Point
Serpentis Transportation Facility
Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facility

Angel Cartel

- Exp and Th Do about the same damage. Explosive was slightly better on different ships

Angel Sortie
Angel Cartel Assembly Point
Angel Cartel Research Bunker
Angel Cartel Mining Outpost

Sansha Nation
Nation Mining Colony
Nation Commander Outpost

Rogue Cloning Facility
These are low ISK (Each Frigate $2k) sites. Probably designed for the Very New Player (Noobie)
Background of NPC was blue so Kinetic Damage Deal/Resist
- 4 Belter Hoodlum
- 4 CloneJacker Punk
- 12 Narco Pusher

Forgotten Amarr Outpost
- 2 Corpior Visionary Destroyer (11.2 ISK Blood Raiders)
- 1 Corpior Convertor Destroyer (11.8k ISK Blood Raiders)
- 2 Corpii Engraver Frigate (9k ISK Blood Raiders)
- 1 Corpii Raider Frigate (7.5k ISK Blood Raiders)

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