Naming of Ship Classes

Faction Frigates Destroyers Cruisers Battlecruisers Battleships
Angel Cartel Gistii Gistior Gistum Gistatis Gist
Blood Raiders Corpii Corpior Corpum Corpior Corpus
Rogue Drones Alvi Alvior Alvum Alvatis Alvus
Guristas Pirates Pithi Pithior Pithum Pithatis Pith
Sansha's Nation Centii Centior Centum Centatis Centus
Serpentis Corporation Coreli Corelior Corelum Corelatis Core

Naming of the elite ships

The elite frigs act as Interceptors (web/scramble) and cruisers as HAC and/or EW-ships.

Angel Cartel Arch, Angel Webifier, Angel Viper
Blood raiders Elder
Rogue Drones Strain
Guristas Pirates Dire
Mercenaries Mercenary Wingman
Sansha's Nation Loyal
Serpentis Corporation Guardian
Empire factions Support Frigate

Note: There are more ships that web/scramble and have special abilities.

More info here (out of game):
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