Shipyard theft, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: exp/kin, minor EM/Therm
Extras: Drone aggro
Web/scramble: Viper/Webifier
Recommended damage dealing: exp/kin
Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Maelstrom

Pocket 1

All spawns are quite close and vaguely in a semi-circle. Multiple spawns aggro if you try to use drones.
Can use drones if you pull the groups away from the circle
Viper/Webifier do web/scramble.
Acceleration Gate is locked until all ships are eliminated.

Group 1 (might auto-aggro) - 15km

(aggro is random depending on your exact warp-in range)
4x frigates (3x Angel Viper, 1x Webifier) - Web
8x battlecruisers (3x Gistatis Praefectus, 5x Gistatis Tribuni)

Group 2 (might aggro with group 1) - 24km

(aggro from shooting group 1 if you did not already have range-aggro; also drone-aggro based on range)
4x battlecruiser (Gistatis Primus)
4x destroyer (Gistior Defiler)
2x battleships (Gist War General/Gist Warlord)

Group 3 - 30km

5x battlecruiser (4x Gistatis Legionaire, 1x Gistatis Primus)
2x battleships (Gist Malakin/Gist Nephilim)

Group 4 - 40km

2x Battleships (Gist Seraphim/Gist Cherubim)- Seraphim does EM damage

Group 5 - 60km

7x cruisers (5x Gistum Centurion, 2x Gistum Phalanx)
2x battleships (Gist Nephilim/Gist Warlord/Gist Saint)

Pocket 2

Single Group (Auto Aggro) - 17km

4x destroyers (Gistior Haunter/Defiler)
3x battlecruisers (2x Gistatis Tribuni, 1x Gistatis Praefectus)
2x battleships (Gist Throne/Gist Cherubim)

Last ship you kill will drop the objective can. (50 m^3)

Some have reported no drone aggro, need update on this. Drones can get aggroed by group 2 (20 km away). To avoid this, turn to the right and AB away from the group. Usually a 30+km distance will do. You can use medium drones to pop the webbing frigates but watch drones carefully!

Storage Silo [one of Minmatar UUA, UUB, or UUC Nexus, ammo, general items]
Habitation Module (There is 3 of them but only one drops the items) [General items]
(Silo is a Deadspace Overseer's Structure, turn on Large Collidable Structure on Overview to see others)

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