Slave Breeding Plants

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Escalation from SanshaLookout.

Among the intelligence you get from the ruins of this outpost is a schedule for slave transports, listing several times and locations where they are supposed to be. Most of the information is outdated, but your instruments run through the list and find a reachable location.

Stage 1

Warp-in: 1 gate, named rat with some escorts.
Escalates after defeating the named mob.

Nothing but an old deserted bunker, owned by True Power and probably used as a slave holding place. After a short search, you find a short list of co-ordinates leading to similar facilities nearby.

Stage 2

Warp-in: 1 gate, named rat with some escorts.
Escalates after defeating the named mob.

Again a True Power slave hold and this time it was inhabited. You have a second look at the list of locations you found and pick out the nearest one.

Stage 3

Warp-in: 2x Cruisers, 2x Frigates.
Escalates after defeating the named mob.

Again a slave hold run by the Sansha True Power corporation, much like the last one and now nothing but a smoldering ruin. On the navigation panel, you punch in all of the remaining locations from the list you found and a new flight plan pops up.

Stage 4

Warp-in: A gate to the first pocket.

Pocket 1

3x Cruisers
4x Frigates
A gate to the Pocket 2
Gate is locked until everything is dead.

Pocket 2

4 Cruisers
6 Frigates
1x Frigate (Named rat)
Ends when named rat is dead.

Not only have you destroyed a slave breeding facility, but according to some of the freed slaves this was a place where the Sansha experimented with all sorts of drugs and boosters. You wonder if you will one day be remembered by the descendants of the slaves you freed as a hero, or if you should just go to the nearest trade hub and sell them...

Got a handful of drugs and a bunch of slaves? Better luck next time. See ya!

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