My Level 4 Setup

7x navy cruise launchers
1x x-type nos

1x A-type medium pithum shield booster
3x Gist b-type hardners
1x Dread guristas shield boost amp
1x 100mn republic afterburner/M4 target painter

1x T2 Cap Flux coil
4x Faction BCU

2x T2 Warhead Rigor Catalyst
1x t1 Warhead Flare Catalyst

5x light t2
5x medium t2
5x shield maint bots (never know when a corp mate might ask for a hand :))

1-5HG crystal set (still require cybernetics rank 5 + slot 6 implant)
6+8CC4 + CR4 (3% cap and 3% cap charge time)
+Assorted 3% missile implants (velocity/explosion velocity/ROF)

Delivers 572 missile dps with my skills and standard ammo 658dps with caldari faction ammo,
with careful us of the nos, the ship will keep everything running for as long as fresh rats spawn
I use a pair of standard t2 invuln fields for omni setups

My Level 5 Setup

4x caldari navy cruise missile launcher
1x drone link augmentor
1x corpus x-type nos

depending on mission
1-2 drone Tracking link
1 x T2 LSE
0-1 x T2 Shield recharger
4-5 assorted pith a-type or c-type resistance amps (for example 3xem/2xthermal for sansha missions)

6x SPR2

2x T2 purger rigs
1x T1 purger rigs

Drone bay:
Loadsa Drones! (not trained for t2 heavies unfortunatly)

The nos mostly just so you can get a cycle of it off on the last ship you kill, I dont waste time killing neut towers, failing to get a cycle of nos just before you warp out is a problem, it takes a LONG time for a ship with 6xsprs fitted to recover from a totally empty cap

Nos Vs Rats

I've read a bunch on the forums and in other places about how Nos work Vs rats, so I spent an evening testing diffrent things and came to these conclusions

1> rats have a finite amount of cap
2> this cap doesn't recharge in a reasonable amount of time (I would say not at all)
3> the rats don't use this cap for anything, their lasers/shield boosts etc don't drain it and draining it doesn't stop those things from working*
4> a nos will drain cap from the rat even if you have more cap then them.

*I read a few posts that state that draining a rats cap will reduce the frequency of repair cycles or ecm bursts, however I cant see any way of verifying either of these as both of their frequencies vary wildly anyway.
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