Stop The Thief, Level 4

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Thermal (49.86%), Kinetic (25.36%), EM (16.85%), Explosive (7.93%)
Web/ scramble: Frigates
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal/ Kinetic
Recommended ship types: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC
Video guide: Navy Raven, Dominix, Maelstrom

Initial Group aggro at warp-in. Spawn may aggro drones.
You may [Fleet] warp to preferred range distance.
Don't forget to loot the Reports needed to complete the mission.
Warning: The spawn's six Shadow's Grunt Cruisers spawn at the beacon, deal a high amount of EM damage and is accompanied by web/ scramble Frigates.

Single Pocket

Center Group (23km, Beacon)

1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord) Trigger

Left Group (90- 100km)

6x Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) Web/ Scramble

Right Group (123- 128km)

4x Cruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)

Spawn (20- 25km)

4x Frigate (Shadow's Wingman - Mercenary Wingman) Web/ Scramble
6x Cruiser (Shadow's Grunt - Mercenary Commander)
2x Battleship (Shadow's Goon - Mercenary Overlord)
1x Battleship (Shadow - Mercenary Overlord)

Eliminate the Mercenary Overlord battleship to trigger the spawn. Watch out for any incoming Mercenary Wingman Frigates that web/ scramble.
Eliminate Shadow. Loot the Reports dropped and warp out (any Reports sold by NPC Corps on the market may be used).

Start with the Grunt Cruisers to reduce incoming DPS from the spawn.
Watch out for any scrambling Frigates and shift your primary target accordingly.

Optional Approach
1) Warp in, align, kill the Overlord, instantly warp out before scramblers lock on, then warp back at 50- 100km, make sure you're outside of Cruiser's range. Then aggro and use a MWD to separate the frigates. Count on webbing if Frigates come too close! After this keep aligning of course.
2) Select "warp-to" distance between 50- 100km, kill all the initial ships and the Overlord last then pick off the spawn as they approach.
3) Tank the Overlord and snipe everything else, Micro Jump and snipe the Overlord and Spawn.

32 Veldspar asteroids (14- 30km, ~279,059 units).

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~5 mil
Bounty: ~2.1 mil

Ship Detail
Qty Name Orbit Max
Shield Resistance (%) Armor Resistance (%) DPS (hp/s) Ordnance
EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th
4x Mercenary Overlord 3.5km 400m/s 3,975 3,500 - 60 40 20 60 - 25 35 - - 42 96 Scourge Heavy Missile
10x Mercenary Wingman 8.5km 900m/s 325 325 15 50 45 30 70 10 25 25 10 11 4 - Depleted Uranium
4x Mercenary Lieutenant 2km 350m/s 1,500 1,050 33 65 40 55 60 10 25 25 - - 21 25 Bloodclaw Light Missile
6x Mercenary Commander 15km 400m/s 1,200 1,800 - 60 40 20 50 10 25 35 22 - 7 28 Scourge Heavy Missile
24 ships total Average/ Total: 32,350 32,250 7.5 59.9 40.5 27.5 57.7 5.7 25 32.7 228 114 333 647

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