Caldari Lvl 4 Mission Runner, in a Drake


high: 7x Heavy Missile Launcher II
medium: always 2 Large Shield Extender II
2x Resistance Amplifier II,
2x Resistance Hardener (named T1) or Invulnerability Fields
(resistances as needed by mission, four when 2 BCSs are used otherwise 3 due to CPU issues)
lows: BCS II as much as possible (minimum 2), SPR II as much as needed (1 or 2)

rigged with 3xCore Defence Field Purger I, 5x T2 Hobgoblins.
ammu usually scourges (normal ones) or thunderbolt

BCSs and Amplifier/Hardeners are changed due to mission requirements

LVL4 Missions Completed in the Drake:
- The Assault (Gurista) (2 BCS, 3 not tried yet)
- Gurista Spies (Setup: 3 BCS II, therm + kin AMP II, invuln field)
- Smuggler Interception Sansha (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Smuggler Interception Bloodraiders (3 BCS, EM amplifier II, Thermal hardener t1, invuln field t1)
- Silence the Informant (2 BCS)
- Duo of Death (3 BCS)
- Damsel in Distress (2 BCS, thermal + kin AMP II + 2x invuln field )
- Enemies Abound 1/5 , 3/5 and 4/5 (2 BCS, Orion Ships best killed with thermal)
- Intercept the Saboteurs Gurista
- Stop the Thief (2 BCS)
- Infiltrated Outposts (3 BCS, tank = 2 LSE II, EM amp II, exp + therm hardener)
- Rogue Slave Trader 1+2 (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Cargo Delivery Serpentis (2 BCS)
- Right Hand of Zazzmataz (2 BCS)
- The Score Sansha (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Gurista Extravaganza (3 BCS)
- Pirate Invasion Sansha (2 BCS)
- Rogue Drone Harassement (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Gone Berserk (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Unauthorized Military Presence Blood Raiders (2 BCS tanked well, 3 BCS yet to try)
- Massive Attack (Sansha) (3 BCS, EM+thermal tanking) *this mission must be the easiest lvl4 ever*
- Venegance (done with 3 BCS, the named in P3 is hard to kill with a drake)

- Shipyard Theft (2 BCS, 3 not tried yet. Drones ARE attacked by group B when fighting group A)
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