True Power Shipyards

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Escalation from Sansha Vigil.

You are about to wrap up this little raid when all of a sudden you have an incoming transmission popping on one of your panels from someone asking where in flaming hell his ship components are. He continues to claim that he had ordered all sorts of stuff ages ago and nothing is getting delivered. This is all sent in Sansha code and comparison with the station logs from the place you just destroyed identify the person on the other end as a foreman from a local branch of the True Power corporation. When he hears some hesitation on your end, this guy gets all patronizing on you, raving back and forth about too many newbs being recruited to the production units, how your single digit IQ must be a shining light for every slug in the universe to follow and fabulates a bit about how he envisions the state your toilet training is in. He then shouts some instructions about how you are to get off your butt right this moment and haul it to a certain place, picking up his order for 300 10MN afterburners. He orders you to buzz him on this same frequency when you are there and that he will then give you further instructions.

Stage 1

Overseer structure guarded by a few ships.
Once attacker, it spawn reinforcements in waves.

The named rat is a trigger. Kill/loot/proceed.

You didn’t find 300 afterburners to fill the True Power order, but you guess that if you don’t tell the guy, no one will. Not sure what this "buzz" was supposed to sound like, you hurl a loud beep! And some crackles on the prescribed frequency and a second later the True Power foreman descends on you again with curses and insults perfected by generations of pirate foremen. After a while his monologue draws to an end and he tells you to go and pick up 280 units of missile control modules at another location.

Stage 2

Much the same as Stage 1.

First wave:
2x Cruisers
3x Elite Frigates
1x Named Rat

Again you beep! the channel and instantly the foreman responds with a location and a list of different types of armor plates you are supposed to pick up. The abrupt message and something in the foreman’s voice lets you wonder if he has found out that you are not who he thought you were... there seems to be only one way to find out.

Stage 3

Warp-In: A guarded True Power Factory installation.

2x Battlecruisers
3x Elite Cruisers
4x Elite Frigates
4x Destroyers

Destroy factory,

This time you have not had the time to message the foreman before he is on the channel and tells you with urgency in his voice, to head to the assembly plant immediately. There seem to be a lot of hostile activity in the area and he does not want to loose the modules you have gathered already to some common criminals. For the first time since you heard from this guy he does not open with a barrage of insults and you venture to ask where this assembly plant is. He hesitates for a second and then gives you a location.

Stage 4

Warp-In: Sansha's Battletower installation guarded by about 8 HW Missile Sentry and 8x Stasis Towers.

8x Heavy Missile Sentry (~30km range)
8x Stasis Tower Sentry (~30km range)
4x Cruisers
3x Elite Cruisers
4x Destroyers
6x Frigates

Destroying sentries spawn more ships, cruiser and battlecruiser size.

Put Sansha's Battletower into structure and Sansha Foreman spawn. Easily noticable as it's the only battleship on the field.
Damaging Sansha's Battletower will also spawn additional ships, also it has somewhat big health pool (100k+ HP total, easily).
If you're capable of sniping effectively from 40-50km, that would be the best course of action. Else bring somewhere from 400 DPS tank with you and stay aligned to something, or simply wipe every ship on the field before flipping further triggers.

Note: Encounter happens in normal space. Take your advantage.

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