Vengeance, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with three rooms.
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kinetic, main boss (Hoborak Moon) spews EM torpedoes, 1147.5 base damage each
Extras: Drone aggro.
Web/scramble: Some elite frigates may web or scramble.
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive, Kinetic
Recommended ships: Machariel, Vargur, Tengu, Sleipnir, Raven, Maelstrom, Tempest, Drake (except for officer)
Video: , Golem , Maelstrom

Pocket 1

You land right next to pretty much all the rats. The furthest ones are about 50km away while the closest ones as close as 15km. The rats are in four groups, of which the closest sometimes aggros, but sometimes you land far enough that you can aggro one at a time. Watch your drone hitpoints, they might gain aggro from nearby rats as they have to work in close proximity. The furthest group is the hardest to tank both in this room and the whole mission.

Room 1

Group 1: (10-25km) (Auto-Aggro)

3x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Primus/Tribuni)
2x Battleships (Gist General)

Group 2: (10km)

3x Battleships (Gist War General)

Group 3: (20km)

7x Cruisers (Gistum Marauder/Liquidator)

Group 4: (20-30km)

2x Elite Frigates (Angel Webifier/Viper) (Web/Scramble)
2x Destroyers (Gistior Haunter)
9x Cruisers (Gistum Centurion/Phalanx)
2x Battleships (Gist War General/Nephilin)

Pocket 2

Aggro from five battlecruisers at warp in. There are four groups total and each aggro seperately. Easy stage.

Group 1: (5km) (Auto-Aggro)

5x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus)

Group 2: (25km)

3x Cruisers (Gistum Marauder/Liquidator)
3x Battleships (Gist Saint/Warlord)

Group 3: (30km)

6x Cruisers (Gistum Centurion/Phalanx)
1x Battleship (Gist Throne)

Group 4: (35km)

3x Destroyers (Gistior Defacer)
6x Cruisers (Gistum Centurion/Phalanx)
1x Battleship (Gist Nephilin)

Pocket 3

Aggro from one battleship, two battlecruisers and one destroyer at warp in. Firing on any of the rest aggros all.

Group 1: (2km) (Auto-Aggro)

1x Destroyer (Gistior Seizer)
2x Cruiser (Gistum Marauder)
1x Battleship (Gist Commander)

Group 2: (50km)

5x Elite Frigates (Angel Webifier/Viper) (Web/Scramble)
4x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Praefectus/Tribunus)
2x Battleships (Gist Warlord/Hoborak Moon)

Group 3: (60km)

2x Tower Sentry Angel III
2x Angel Heavy Missile Battery

Mission is complete once all ships are dead. Battlestation in the final room drops worthless loot, mostly ammo.


Moon may drop stuff of the value of 2mil isk.
The BS/C are tanked well, and moon is the hardest to take down.
This mission is somewhat easy, but it may take 30 minutes for the perfect ship. But consider it an hour and half to 2 hours.
This is a perfect mission to farm
You may get 20mil in bounties

Blitz No real blitz must clear all 3 pockets


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