Vengeance, level 4

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic, thermal. EM on stage 3
Extras: Medium jamming (Pith Eliminator)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, secondary thermal (Don't bring thermal for last guy)
Recommended ships: CNR, Dominix, Ishtar, Tengu others
Video: Ishtar, Golem, Sniper Maelstrom , Bastion Kronos, Astarte CNR

Pocket 1

Drones might aggro.

Group 1: - 24km

3x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assaulter)

Group 2: - 23km

3x Frigates (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web / Scram
4x Cruisers (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
1x Battleship (Pith Eradicator)

Group 3: - 21km

3x Cruisers (Pithum Eraser/Abolisher)
2x Battleship (Pith Dismantler/Eliminator) (Eliminator Jamming)

Group 4: - 18km

2x Destroyers (Pithior Terrorist)
2x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assassin)

Pocket 1 Ships detail:

Orbit Max.
Shield Resistances (%) Armor Resistances (%) DPS (hp/s)
5x Pithatis Assaulter 35,000m 320m/s 1800 1150 60 50 30 40 60 50 30 40 - - 51 -
3x Guristas Kyoukan 7,500m 600m/s 425 310 13 62 33 33 60 10 25 25 - - 20 11
6x Pithum Abolisher 23,000m 360m/s 1800 1150 59 49 29 39 59 49 29 39 - - 32 11
1x Pith Eradicator 27,000m 280m/s 4250 3500 70 60 40 50 70 60 40 50 - - 58 21
2x Pith Extinguisher 35,000m 280m/s 6750 4250 73 63 43 53 73 63 43 53 - - 86 -
2x Pithior Supremacist 16,500m 400m/s 300 250 40 30 10 20 40 30 10 20 - - 90 12
19 total ships Averages/Totals: 39,425 26,080 63.4 55.3 35 44.7 64.9 53.5 34.8 44.4 - - 917 141

Structures drop no loot. Asteroid Factory doesn't take armor damage.

Pocket 2

No loot from structures (Control Tower and Tactical Outpost).
Drones don't aggro.

Group 1: (5-10km) (Auto Aggro)

3x Cruisers (Pithum Ambolisher/Eraser)

Group 2: (30-35km)

1x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/Extinguisher) (Eliminator Jamming)
3x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter)

Group 3: (35-40km)

2x Battleships (Pith Eliminator/Extinguisher)

Group 4: (30-35km)

3x Cruisers (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
2x Destroyers (Pithior Supremecist/Terrorist)

Pocket 3

Group 1: (2-5km) (Auto Aggro)

2x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)

Group 2: (70-100km)

4x Tower Sentry Guristas III
4x Frigates (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web / Scram
3x Battlecruisers (Pithatis Assasin/Assaulter)
2x Battleships (Pith Extinguisher/Rachen Mysuna)

When you start shooting at sentries (they lightly hit for everything, mostly EM and Thermal) the whole pocket aggros.

Rachen Mysuna has a 50km orbit range and 75% chance for shield boost (1000hp each 10 seconds) so low SP BS pilots can have problems breaking his tank. Rachen's 25% chance for defender doesn't help either. If you are a Raven pilot and can't handle it from distance, warp out and warp in again, then get closer (afterburner can help) and wait until he starts shooting you. Loot can be quite good (like Arbalest Cruise + Siege, named 350mm Railgun etc.).

To be honest, I heard a few times that it isn't possible to kill Mysuna without Torps. :) Well I personally finished him from 50km using T1 Wrath Cruise Missiles, without drones. All depends on skills and equipment. If you're droning be aware that he is VERY resistant to thermal. Wasps or even Wardens are preferable to Gardes and Ogres.

Rachen Mysuna is easier to kill when webbed to slow down. Was able to take her out with a heavy missile t1 drake once a friend put 2 webs on her and slowed the speed down to 40; took less than 12 volleys then. Without the speed her tank dies quickly under scourge heavy missiles (xr-3200 launchers too) (10/15/11)

Guristas War Installation drops rubbish loot (like 100 Light Missiles, Small NOS, 250mm T1 Railgun and Malkuth Rocket launcher).

Blitz No real blitz must clear first 2 pockets to proceed into 3rd room


I did the mission while flying a HAMGu (Heavy Assault Missle Tengu), I directly burned towards Rachen and orbitted at 7500m he couldnt hit me and since it was the first target i did not have any problems with an insane tank. So it might be that his tank gets triggered after you kill something else first. Mind it was a t2 fitted hamgu, only high meta item was the AB. It might be that you get webbed by the frigs while burning towards him, just dispatch them. It was easier than i expected.


Pocket 1: 1,290,000 Veldspar (19 Roids 8*50K+5*70K+6*90K)
Pocket 2: 705,000 Veldspar (15 Roids 5*25K+8*50K+2*90K)
Pocket 3: 255,000 Scordite (5 Roids 3*25K+2*90K)


Mission Reward + Bonus ~ 2Mil
Bounty ~ 9.67 Mil
Loot + Salvage ~ 4.41 Mil
Doable in under 20 Minutes

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