Vermin Extermination, Storyline Level 5

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Gated
Web/Scramble: Strain frigate on first gate
Extras: Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs, web towers
Damage dealt: Omni, mostly kin/therm
Recommended damage dealing: Your pick, very few ships present

Upon warp-in: barracuda alvi + strain decimator alvi. Strain frigate may web/scram.
Only the 2 frigates are there. Gate is open, so it's recommended to just take the gate if you're not tackled.
Didn't test for more spawns.

Upon entering the next room, you will find:

4x neut tower III (totalling 160 GJ/s neuted)
4x stasis tower
2x ripper alvior
1x shatter alvior
3x strain atomizer/nuker alvum
8xsentry tower III

Dps ~600, mostly kin/therm from the sentry towers

Everything is at 70km, including the reinforced drone bunker (objective) which has quite a few hp, probably around 250,000 (comparable to other lvl 5 objective stations).
All towers auto-aggress, the drones will only aggro on your first shot or when closing within ~50km.
Destroy all drone ships + the bunker to finish the mission.

I didn't shoot any of the towers. They may hold extra spawns so I'd recommend not touching them.
The drone ships themselves have no additional spawns.

No blitzing. All ships in the pocket and the reinforced drone bunker need to be destroyed to complete the mission.

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