How to use categories

This wiki is using a very flexible but simple categorizing system to keep everything properly organized.

1. Adding a page to an existing category

To add a page to an existing category simply add a link to the relevant category page. For example, to mark page MyPage as a child of category MyCategory, just add a link to MyCategory from MyPage. This will automatically add MyPage to the list of pages belonging to that category. Category links are put by convention at the end of the page, but the position of these links does not affect their behavior.

2. Adding a subcategory to an existing category

To create a hierarchy of categories, you can follow the same instructions to add pages to categories. For example, to mark category Category2 as a child (or subcategory) of another category Category1, just add a link to Category1 in Category2. This will automatically add Category2 to the list of Category1's children.

3. Creating new categories

To start a new category just create a page containing {{category}}. This will mark the page as a special category page and will output a list of pages belonging to the category. Category page names start by convention with the word Category but you can also create categories without following this convention. To add a new category to the master list of categories just add a link from it to CategoryCategory.

4. Browsing categories

To browse the categories available on your wiki you can start from CategoryCategory. If all pages and subcategories are properly linked as described above, you will be able to browse the whole hierarchy of categories starting from this page.

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