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======The Invasion Force (2 of 2)======
10 sentry towers iii 2 stasis towers and some BS+BC+frigs (web+scram)
when u don't destroy the The Guristas Communications Tower hefty respawns are comin'
3*waves of
5?BS-same in BCs + wen+scram frigs (25BS overall)
gate is covered by a huge stalagmite, beware!
4 siege canons
respawn after first shooting at the station
4bs 7 bcs
same after 50% shield
4bs 7 bcs
station no loot
at 25% of hull
The Relay Station Overseer undocks in a last ditch effort to defend the station from utter destruction!
Plumes of acid gas spew forth from the Relay Station as holes form in it's structure. Hundreds of corpses can be seen ejecting from the holes, only to be melted into biomass by the cloud of acid surrounding the station.
overseer should drop DG loot (none for me :( )
9.375% caldari state standing increase

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======The Invasion Force (1 of 2)======
The Invasion Force (1 of 2)

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reward: neurotoxin recovery imp (3%) ~28m bounty
reward: neurotoxin recovery imp (3%)

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