Blood Farm, Level 4

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission Type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: EM/ Thermal
Extras: Tracking Disruption
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Recommended ship class: Battleship, Battlecruiser, HAC, T3


Single Group

3x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Collector/ Seeker) Tracking Disruption
3x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

1st Pocket

Single Group

Auto aggro.
2x Frigates (Corpii Diviner/ Reaver)
3x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

Single Spawn

2x Elite Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest/ Sage)
3x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

2nd Pocket

Attack Blood Farm Structure (52km) Trigger

1st Spawn

3x Frigate (Corpii Diviner/ Raider)
2x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

2nd Spawn

3x Cruiser (Corpatis Seer)
3x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

3rd Spawn

2x Cruiser (Corpatis Bishop/ Seer)
2x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

In addition to all ships, the Blood Farm structure must be destroyed to mark the mission complete.

The Blood Farm drops several random T1 mods.

Comment by ReaveR894
2012-05-21 14:35:24
decent shield tanked drake completed with no trouble, takes a while.

pocket 2 spawn 2 and spawn 3 is Battlecruisers,


Spawn 1 as described

Spawn 2
2 Corpus Cardinals, 1 corpus Monsignor (bs)
Corpatis exorsist 1, fanatic 1, bishop 1 (bc)

Spawn 3
2 Corpatis Shades, 1 Corpatis Phantom (bc)
2 Corpus Cardinals, 1 corpus Monsignor (bs)
Comment by InfiniteDestruction
2015-12-21 10:42:25
Auto-aggro from group at warp in. Have to kill them to unlock the gate.

Auto-aggro from the initial group in Pocket 1. Have to kill them and the spawn to unlock the gate. Spawn was 3 BSs and 3 Elite Cruisers.

Pocket 2 - You can ignore the initial spawn and pop the structure to complete the mission (assuming you can tank the spawn long enough). No requirement to kill the rats. (I popped all but 1 frig from the initial spawn as a test and as soon as the structure popped the mission flagged as complete.)
Structure dropped crap loot (4 crap mods and 2 ammo, total = <80,000 isk).
Comment by DumbGit
2017-12-18 03:19:37
18 Dec 2017
The Warp In drops you around 23km from the acceleration gate and there were 2 Frigate and 2 Battleship rats waiting (not 3 of each).

1st Pocket:
2 Frigates and 2 Battleships

Spawn (after last ship killed) was
2 Frigates and 2 Battleships again. (seems they've dropped 1 BS from each group).

2nd Pocket:
Must shoot the Structure to initiate the 1st spawn.
1st Spawn: 2 Frigates and 2 Battleships (looks like last ship killed is the trigger each time).
2nd Spawn: 2 Battle Cruisers and 3 Battleships.
3rd Spawn: 3 Battle Cruisers and 2 Battleships.

The Blood Farm drops some assorted T1 stuff. Loot and Salvage came to about 9.6 mil isk.
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