Dead Drift, Level 2

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: <gated>Encounter
Damage Dealt: All kinds (massive exp/kin/therm dps)
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm
Recommended ship: Battlecruiser/BS (for bounty)

Single Pocket

Abandoned Armageddon 20km from warp-in, next to a wormhole. Wave 1 is triggered by approaching the Armageddon, which then explodes. The mission is flagged as complete as soon as the Scientists from the cargo container are picked up and placed in the Splendor.

Wave 1

2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)
2x Battlecruiser (1 Mercenary Lieutenant + 1 Mercenary Commander)
1x Spider Drone (Webbing)

Wave 2

Arrives shortly after Wave 1
2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)
3x Battlecruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)

Wave 3

Arrives after first BC destroyed
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)
2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)

Wave 4

Arrives shortly after Wave 3
2x Battlecruiser
2x Frigate

Wave 5

triggered by destroying the last Frigate
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)
2x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)


Warp in, fly to Armageddon (Oberon), pick up Scientists, place them in Splendor, warp out.


Total bounty for destroying all of this mission's mobs - 1,175,000 ISK


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Comment by LairjaDe
2011-01-30 09:53:06
You get a transmission on warp in to help a ship (Armageddon) near the WH. The ship is about 20km away. Flying there will trigger a wave of Mercenary frigs and BC. After a while a secound wave arrives. After shouting down the first BC, a Machariel BS spawns ~5km distance. (bounty:750.000 ISK) Some time later a secound Machariel BS spawns.
Comment by LairjaDe
2011-01-30 13:47:51
BTW: Total Bounty 1.845.000 ISK
Comment by TyTilla
2011-02-06 14:50:36
Just run this and got no spawns beyond wave 1.

Not sure if this is because the rescued scientists were delivered to the Splendor before all of wave1 went down.
Comment by LolesChech
2011-03-10 04:18:50
Gave it a try in a Drake, with success. I've been playing for 3 months so my skills are not good.

Used 3 Large Ext Shield T2, 2 Invul T1, 2 Shield Power Relays, 6 named Heavy Missile Launchers with standard ammo, and a Standard Missile Launcher charged with Defender missiles to reduce damage. Shields never got below 50%.

Key is to kill the webbing drone.
Comment by KarantaD
2011-03-29 22:16:02
No spawns what so ever for me. I even flew around waiting for a few minutes tailing the "Distressed" ship.
Comment by LadyZemsta
2011-04-24 17:15:40
Just did this with a 2 mil toon in a firetail, there seems to be no mention of the damage pulses which might come from the wormhole. I received 2 waves of damage, the first took me to 30% shield, so I just sat unmoving for the shield to rep and then headed to the ship to rescue which seemed to trigger another damage wave which took me into half armour. After this wave the first enemy ship wave turned up and I hightailed it out of there. I hope I get this mission again, i would like to try it in a rupture and see what happens then with regards to the damage waves.
Comment by SwaleHeart
2011-04-25 15:21:02
just did the mission in a harbinger,t2 guns duel rep and good fit and good gunnery skills,good enginering and ok shield, ab not mwd ,, use short range weapons,had to warp out 2 times because of overwhelming incomming damage,after taking down some of the ships it was survivable,couldnt really work on the spider drone but after a bit was able to set drones on it,wanted to cutdown on the damage recieved ,,, findly got the scientists to the other ship
Comment by MorkFel
2011-05-04 12:52:14
I just did this and got the same thing as KarantaD. In fact I recall doing this mission before in a radically different part of space and had no spawns there as well.

Mission just says complete after approaching the frigate. There is no Armageddon and there are no spawns.
Comment by JarinArenos
2011-05-13 04:33:44
Did this in a noobship. Damage waves destroyed it instantly on jump-in, but still got mission completion. No spawns in sight.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-20 04:47:22
It is indeed not necessary to deeply get into the fight. I took the scientists from the geddon, killed two frigs, and my agent accepted completion. Which of these steps were needed I don't know, as the journal button never blinked.
Comment by TeightyCaldari
2011-05-26 20:08:25
Did this mission with killing all the waves in a passive tanked drake, only about 10 days into the game, so low skills.
Comment by KoboldArcolithe
2011-06-06 08:57:32
Okay, Overlord and Lieutenant are the big baddies and they deal Kin/Therm
Damage dealt yea is all kinds, but commander doesn't do enough Em for it to be sconsidered all.

Best damage dealing of course is Em/Therm
Comment by SarahSchneider
2011-07-12 05:13:26
very easy mission to complete, very hard to clear all the encounters due to the deadspace pocket location not to mention the drones, should be fairly easy to clear if you can manage to destroy the webbing drones, but since you don't need it to finish the mission so don't bother, unless you have a decent amount of skills and flying a proper ship like drake or mael.
Comment by TrimutiusIII
2011-08-29 19:31:05
I just was AFK at the Acceleration Gate and my mission was complete before I even used gate...
Comment by UnbentJohn
2011-09-25 13:00:58
Didn't get no enemies either.
Mission completion was triggered by passing the acceleration gate in my case.
Comment by TwistedGamer
2011-10-09 18:16:15
What is up with this mission? Jumped gate and got mission complete on one toon and distress call on other toon.

Approached disabled ship anyway, got the distress call again and 1st wave spawned.
Comment by CassandraIrvine
2012-01-28 04:05:55
28th of Jan 2012
Just did this mission and other than the previous times I've completed this mission, it wasn't justs about flying in, waiting and flying out anymore.
I had to approach the unmarked battleship, grab the 5 scientists which are in it and then bring those 5 to the wreck of the Splendor. Of course all the above mentioned spawn waves, including the battleship, happily fired at me while I moved my webbed a...fterburner to the wreck. It completed after dropping the scientists in the wreck but first it spawned some more enemies on top of me. So careful, might be harder than expected!
Comment by JarinArenos
2012-01-28 17:49:23
Confirmed that mission has changed requirements. Waiting for completion no longer works.
Comment by Travis9x
2012-02-05 15:51:33
Just ran this mission in a Gila. Confirming that you must appraoch the 'Geddon, take the scientists from its wreck (will be in a normal can), and drop them into the Splendor (mission container). I destroyed all spawns, and my shield never dropped below 90%. Granted I was using a Gila, but as long as people use the normal tanking and damage strategies for Mercs (tank for therm/kin, and do therm damage), and try to take out the web drone first, then a standard battlecruiser should be just fine for this mission, even with lower skills.
Comment by MalMasters
2012-02-08 19:45:17
Approach the Armageddon and take the 5 scientists from it then head to the Splendor Frigate to place them in it. (Only do this if you can tank the damage. (When you've approached the Armageddon you will trigger the first wave of rats, when this happens look for the "Webber Drone" and attack it while on the way to the Splendor Frig. If you have drones wait till all the rats have you targeted before launching your drones to help in killing the Web Drone. Once the 5 scientists are in the Splendor Frig you can complete this mission)).
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2012-02-26 08:45:18
er.. battlecruisers in lv2 missions..? If you have a new character just reject the mission.
Comment by NueArk
2012-03-17 06:49:10
there is no need to reject this mission if u are the new player.
i done it on t1 cruiser, with basic recommended skills.
in the first, u should get 5 Scientists (not from mission generated cargo) u may found them in contracts and buy.
after that warp into the needed dead space, and get close to the damaged ship, drifting to an anomaly. it will cause to summon the 1st wave, but DON'T pick up the scientists from oberon's wreck (if u not want to catch all the waves in one time). then kill the spider drone, that webbing u. (i've been used the medium short range turrets + stasis webfiber for that)
so u may need to warp out at the nearest station to repair armor and recharge shield and cap once or twice.
when the spider drone is dead, just pick down ur own scientist in a splendor wreck. that will complete the mission.
also u can save the coordinates and back there after pass this mission to an agent, they may needs u in future.
p.s. sorry for my invalid english :)
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