For the Greater Good, Level 1

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Faction: Minmatar, Amarr, Concord

Mission 1- Courier

Mission 2- Kill

Minmatar Relief Convoy (Two Cruisers + 3-4 Frigate Guards)
If declined then:...

Mission 2- Courier

Move 1 Gallente reporter (2.0m3) from one station to another.

Mission 3- Courier

(Not 100% sure)
Move 0.2m3 of Food toxin from one station to another.

Mission 4- Kill

2x Amarr Frigate, CONCORD frigate

Mission 5- Kill

-Destroy the 'Astroid colony' in the last room and bring back the survivors [7 units of freed slaves (42m3)]
(Acceleration Gate only accessible by cruiser/destroyer/frigate)
1st room - 4 rats
2nd room - 8-10 rats


Of special note is there there's absolutely no standing loss towards Minmatar, Concord or Amarr incurred during all of this, as far as I could tell from my standings transactions logs. Amarr ships drop tags, as do CONCORD and Minmatar. Also likely the only time you can kill CONCORD and not get fragged by the NPCs.

CategoryCleanup - it just lacks everything.
CategoryNeedInfo - someone has to do this again.

Comment by TedrosC
2008-11-07 05:16:52
Mission 2: Loss of Faction Standing with Amarr: 3x Cruiser, each -0.8%
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-03-06 16:11:00
You sure about that standing loss? Granted it has to be at least a year since I did it and made the report, but I honestly don't remember any standing loss at all.

Mission story-wise, it's being disguised as a rogue attack, so you shouldn't actually incur standing loss since there'd be no plausible way they could ID you over it.
Comment by JmKing
2010-02-28 08:24:43
Confirmed standing loss in mission 2
3x ammar empire mimmatar transport -2.4% ammar standing loss
mission 4
ammar empire ded pilot 1st class -0.0055% ammar
i reject the last one, was against ammar too
Comment by ForteEXE
2010-03-04 09:33:47
Very strange, it shouldn't have given you standing loss. The agent distinctly tells you you don't recieve it for doing these missions.

I'd petition it, myself, to see if it's a bug.
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