Gate to Nowhere, Level 4 Amarr Storyline

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kin/EM
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Recommended ship: Tengu (long range for the second spawn in Pocket 1), Vargur/Machariel w/ Afterburner (, even a tachyon-fitted Paladin works)

Pocket 1

Initial Group

3 x Battleships (2* Republic Sigur, 1*Republic Jotun)
3 x Destroyers (2*Republic Faxi, 1*Republic Austri)

Last Battleship killed of Initial Group triggers another group (100 km away from the gate to Pocket 2):

4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Sigur, 1* Republic Tribal Ymir)
3 x Destroyers (1*Republic Tribal Bormin, 2*Republic Austri)

Use the acceleration gate (40 km away from warp in point) to reach

Pocket 2

Initial Group (at less than 10 km distance)

4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Jarl, 1* Republic Tribal Jotun)
3 x Cruisers (Republic Tribal Japur / Republic Tribal Manadis)

Last Republic Tribal Jotun triggers:

3 x Battleships (Republic Tribal Sigur/Republic Tribal Jotun)
4 x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Rodul/Republic Tribal Ormur/Republic Tribal Manadis)

Last Republic Tribal Ormur cruiser triggers the last spawn:

5 x Battleships (5* Republic Tribal Jotun)
3 x Battlecruiser (Republic Tribal Norn/Republic Tribal Nutia)


4 x Battleships (3* Republic Tribal Jotun, 1* Republic Tribal Sigur)
2 x Battlecrusier (2* Republic Tribal Norn)

Killing the last ship completes the mission and removes the gate from the first pocket - no need to warp back as per message, there was nothing there.

Standing loss:
0.02 % per standing tick (10 minutes)

Tags to be looted:

4 x Republic Fleet Captain I
26 x Republic Fleet Commander II
9 x Republic Fleet High Captain I
6 x Republic Fleet Private I

Lots of Minmatar Battleships, many of them with close-range weapons that you can outrun with an afterburner.
Respawn aggro drones (not confirmed) - didn't get any drone aggro.

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Comment by RasiCLoud
2011-05-20 18:07:17
~6m in Loot/Salvage + ~25m in Tags
Comment by GendariKallinen
2011-06-26 20:08:51
As of 6/21/11, drones can be aggroed if enemies are not flashing red. If they are only flashing yellow, drones may be aggroed. I have lost drones from this.

When in the 2nd pocket, once the enemies are dead, do NOT use the gate if you intend to salvage. Using the accel gate destroys the gate in the first room, rendering the second room unreachable. I have not tested if the gate gets destroyed when the last enemy is destroyed, as it's a storyline, and hard to get.

In the 2nd Pocket, the last spawn occurred as soon as I killed the first Battleship, not the last one. A large amount of aggro was triggered. Forget killing the ships in order, and get the two Battleships that sit 8-10 klicks from you, as they fire a lot of DPS.

Got 2 FULL points of standing for Imperial Armaments for this mission! 2.81->4.81

Did the mission in a decently tanked Domi.
Comment by IrodEllen
2011-07-22 07:00:27
As of Incarna 7-20-11, gates appear to function normally.

Pocket 2
First wave was all fit with small AC's (very short range <30km), which was mostly dead before they could inflict much dps on my Machariel.

First respawn (~60km) was all artillery with higher dps, lower once I got within 10km.

Second respawn triggered when I killed the first ship (Cruiser).

Final respawn triggered when 1st ship was killed from 2nd group.
There is a good amount of DPS in this pocket when you get a few spawns going.

Very small faction hits against Minmatar (<0.02%).
Comment by RafielLeblaireau
2011-09-28 18:18:40
Spawns and triggers were different, updated the article as they may change on different runnings.

Triggers look like they are ship specific, if it is not the one listed, it looks like the single shiptype to spawn. Unsure as to which cruiser causes the first spawn, but it occured when the jotun was destroyed for me.

Did this in a domi, the last spawn looks to cause a fair bit of DPS, so be warned!

Killing the last enemy in the 2nd pocket completes the mission and removes the first gate.
Comment by ManBearPig
2013-06-05 10:53:46
Just did this one, was worth about 60mil overall.
9% faction gain for amarr and ammatar, 5.8% gain for caldari and khanid.
25% corp gain for amarr navy.
-4.1% faction loss for minmitar, -1.7% for gallente.
Comment by TemperantiaBuxtehude
2014-09-21 05:12:36
As of today, it's still a lot of cash and faction standing.

But if you are in a fleet and have somebody waiting with their Noctis for salvaging afterwards, WARNING: the first pocket accelerator disappears when you kill the last Battleship, not just any last ship.

Learned it the hard way: left a Battlecruiser for last to minimize danger for the Noctis, POOF, salvaging gone :(

not sure it's always this way though, it's not like one has the chance to do it every day. This is what happened to me just 10 minutes ago.

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