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A big Thank You from "the old man" (2008.07.04)

I just want to give a big Thank You to all of you that has made this guide possible! I was a bit skeptical about converting to a wiki, but I have to say I'm glad I was proved wrong. The guide is booming with reports, updates and comments. A big Thank You to all of you that are contributing to the guide, and especially to the TheTeam that is constantly working to upgrade the quality of the guide. Last but certainly not least I want to thank the host of the guide. Right now we think we've found the source of the problems of the guide going off line earlier. And we have deployed a "fix" that made the site more stable.

Additionally I'm going to add a way to upload screen shots for certified reporters. To be able to use the upload, you have to show you're able to submit screen shots following the standards in filename, size and content. Good example are the screen shots in WorldsCollide4ansa. For more information about screen shots, read ScreenShots this.

Have a nice summer everyone!


Chepe Nolon

First level 5 is reported! (2008.06.17)

MorianCumer has just reported ConvoyAttack5mi Convoy Attack.

From patch notes for Empyrean Age, released 10 June 2008:

Read more here:

A separate FactionalWarfare page for FactionalWarfare factional warfare missions is already added.


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