Id & Egonics, Inc., Level 3

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Faction: Amarr, Caldari (2nd pocket only)
Mission type: Storyline - Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: EM/Therm/Kinetic missiles
Extras: Weapon Disruption/Jamming
Web/scramble: Unknown
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Recommended ships classes: Battlecruiser

Recover 1093 units of Captives (1093m3) from the Amarr Slaver transport.

Warp In

Group 1

(Aggro on warp-in)
Distance: 10-20km
3x Mercenary Frigates (Imperial Agatho hull)
3x Mercenary Cruisers (Imperial Paladin hull, Tracking Disruption)
1x Mercenary Battleship (Imperial Tanakh hull)

No standings loss. All must be killed to take the gate, which is at 11km from the warp-in.

Pocket 1

Group 1

(Aggro on warp-in)
Distance: 10-20km
1x Battleship (Imperial Origen)
2x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho) Tracking disrupts
2x Frigates (Imperial Matendi, Imperial Forian) - possible negligible standings loss.

Group 2

(Aggro on warp-in)
Distance: 10-20km
1x Battleship (State Tenkyu)
2x Cruisers (State Fudai) Jamming
2x Frigates (State Shinai, State Nagasa)

Group 3

Distance: 25km
1x Amarr Slaver - negligible (0.02% - ie 0.0002 absolute) standings loss.
1x State Transport

Suggested Blitz
Kill the first pocket with a standard combat ship and then destroy the slaver in the second pocket. Change ships to a T1 industrial (will take something like 30 minutes to train to I, if required). The fitting should include a tractor beam, medium prop mod, and passive/buffer shield tank of large shield extenders and hardeners. Return to the second pocket, tractoring the mission objective can while aligning out, loot it and warp out.

Comment by Ursaa3
2008-12-12 13:44:07
None of the structures drop anything

Slaver drops the Captives

Loot/salvage unexceptional

Dead easy in Dominix
Comment by LoRDaRaMOs
2010-10-01 03:32:51
Amarr Faction standings hit are virtually Non-existant in this mission (didn't exceeded 0.04 overall hit for me, e.g. from 1.25 to 1.29). I'd say it is pretty safe to run this mission for all of you people neeeding no extreme empire standings balance.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-11-17 05:47:26
Confirmed = only received -0.04% Faction standing hit for Amarr ship kill.

No bounties, NPC's easily killed.

Mission loot = Various Amarr Imperial Fleet tags, Caldari Navy Faction Tags and Low Meta level modules.
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2011-12-18 08:42:39
My 2-decimal-point standings amount shown didn't change enough to show (-2.04 before and -2.04 after). Easy to complete the mission in a battlecruiser but the cargo is large (1093 m3). If you want to complete it with just 1 ship and without coming back, you should take a marauder. I completed it with no problems in a blaster Rokh, so I believe a Kronos would do excellently.
Comment by RazorH
2013-06-03 21:26:42
-.02 Amarr faction for slaver
-.02 Amarr faction for the industrial which didn't aggro or drop anything.
Comment by TyrAntilles
2013-10-19 13:28:59
I just completed this mission in a Vexor (with my current skills I can't drive anything bigger) and fight with the battleships took a long time indeed, but it was very fun in the end and I finished the mission in one hour or so.

By doing it, I got the following standings hit (based on my current skills):
With Amarr Empire: -0.011-0.02-0.02-0.02 = -0.071% -> Combat Ship Kill (yes, I got three times -0.02 for ship kill plus a -0.011, not sure from which ships but I killed all the ships on this mission)
-1.3982% -> Derived modification (that was expected since this is a storiline mission for Gallente)
Total loss: -1.4692 with Amarr and -3.4084 with Caldari, which is not too bad since I also got +6.875 with Gallente and +5.1241 with Minmatar.

I am not sure why you think the loot in this mission is worthless; I personally looted and salvaged items of an estimated value of 18,200,000 ISK (among them an Internal Force Field Array I).
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