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Pilot: Alexander Tokanasi
Faction: Amarr
Specialty: Light Assault

This is a new pilot, that I am starting fresh after returning to the game after a year-long break; my old pilot was boring me. This time around, I'm going all out into small ships - starting with frigates, and working towards assault ships and advanced pulse lasers.

With the release of small and medium rigs, it has become affordable to rig a plain frigate, turning ships like the Punisher into death-dealing hell-machines. I'm skipping cruisers altogether, and staying with frigates, flying level 2 missions.

The Punisher Experiment

- Hull: Punisher
- Skills: 170,000 skill points (not including learning)
- High: 3x Dual Anode Pulse Particle Stream I
- Med: 1x Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters, 1x F-B10 Nominal Capacitor Regenerator
- Low: 1x Small Automated I Carapace Restoration, 1x Energized Basic Adaptive Nano Plating, 1x Energized Basic (mission spec) Plating, 1x Damage Control I
- Rigs: 3x Capacitor Control Circuit I

The punisher has finished the following level 2 missions with ease:

- Communications Cold War (This is the hardest so far, almost forcing me to warp out while taking down the stasis towers.)
- Gone Berzerk
- Hidden Stash
- Seven's Brothel, The
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