Mission of Mercy, Level 2

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: Therm/Kin
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended Ship Classes: Cruisers
Recommended generic setup: long range
Difficulty: Hard
Mission: Take out the lieutenants/everyone before the medical drone blows up. Can complete remotely.
Remote Complete: Yes

Single Pocket

No Aggro On Warp-in

Spawn 1

1x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
2x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Spawn 2 (30 seconds)

2-3x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander/Lieutenant)
1x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Spawn 3 (30 seconds)

1-2x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
1-2x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Spawn 4 (30 seconds)

1-2x Cruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)
1-2x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Kill Lieutenants only. Can complete remotely.
(It's possible to just take out one(*) to complete the mission. Just keep the conversation up with the agent, look for the green check mark. When that comes up, just remotely complete the mission. (At which point, it doesn't matter if the drone blows up.)
(*) : Must be one Lieutenant from the final spawn.

Blitz= 2-5 min
Without Blitz=4-10 min

Rewards and Bonus
Reward: 300,000 ISK and 477 LP
Bonus: 254,000 ISK if you get it done within 5 hours and 59 minutes.

Mercenary Commander: 85,000 ISK
Mercenary Elite Fighter: 10,000 ISK
Mercenary Lieutenant: 90,000 ISK
Total: 585000 ISK


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Comment by RudsSnikja
2011-02-28 21:28:22
A blitz may be possible. I killed the elite fighters, then the lieutenants, and I got a mission completion without killing the commanders. Next time I get this mission, I'll try killing lieutenants only.
Comment by RaVenC
2011-03-15 15:47:22
confirming ... you only need to kill the lieutenants
Comment by LadyZemsta
2011-04-25 06:19:50
2 mil toon in a Shield Hurricane, fitted for DPS not tank, got down to 25% shield.
Comment by OnyxEye
2011-05-01 23:36:43
Not sure which wrecks they came from, but pulled an Arbalest Assault Missile Launcher and an Arbalest Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I from this mission. Most likely from the commanders. So, it was worth it to kill them, in my opinion, they were easy, anyway.
Comment by MaurriK
2011-07-31 13:41:10
The blitz is to kill the first Lt that appears.
Comment by ZoltanLazar
2011-09-01 00:56:34
Long range fit is definitely needed, had to warp out several times in a very heavily tanked rupture. Second time in a drake was a piece of cake. The cruisers have pretty good tank, especially the lt; you need at least 120 dps to take one down in a reasonable timeframe.
Comment by EmilNarud
2011-12-18 02:18:18
I'm pretty sure that the trigger for mission completion is the lt in the final wave. At least, I've been able to successfully complete the mission several times without killing either of the other lt's.
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2011-12-23 11:56:00
thorax with tank only 1 eutectic and medium acco. 1 warpout. took things in normal order - kill frigs to reduce damage, then the cruisers. on rewarp it made sense to take out a lieutenant first as only that and one commander aggroed. With them gone it was a walk in the park. Keeping range 28k using anti with gauss 250's
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2011-12-23 11:57:43
ah - and the commanders dropped arbs on mine too so it would be stupid not to take them out.
Comment by SatchuPhaidon
2012-01-01 16:15:24
Did this in a speed/armour tanked short-range Ishkur. They barely got into my armour.
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2012-02-14 13:01:38
wow this varies - killed one frig and they all aggroed - down to hull in 15 sec
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2012-02-14 13:26:37
Retried following the usual pattern of frigs first - same result - full aggro. Went back again, got distance and went for the lt's and only one commander aggroed. After that business as usual.
Comment by FacCat
2012-04-15 12:01:00
I just tried running this one. I shot a frigate in the first group and everything else spawned and agroed at once. I'm not remotely close to tanking it with t2 membranes with 70% resists to thermal/kinetic. I'm weighing whether to bring an alt's battleship here or to try picking them off one by one at the moment. My last time in, I couldn't take down a single one, though. Going to try it with active hardeners before I bring in the battleship.
Comment by ZivSix
2012-04-18 18:10:14
I went with a slightly-active-shield-tanking Caracal, optimized for missile
damage and range, got in, took my sweet time getting 85km away from them,
Then I started attacking their Lts, followed by Commanders, and then frigs.

Even thoght I only had a small shield booster, they never got past
more then 5% of my shields, easy mission.

Tips: They don't auto-agro on warp in, get far before you start, go for range
and make sure to stay out of range untill they don't have enough left
to take you out.

Comment by CirroWing
2012-05-01 16:23:19
Just had 4 merc commanders appearing, with 3 luitenants and 6 merc fighter.
Comment by TuRay
2012-07-25 01:00:23
I added a hint "Difficulty hard". The cruisers and elite frigs causes a lot of damage if your skills are not so good.
Comment by KislanyK
2012-08-04 06:42:03
Got the mission complete message before killing the last 2 lieutenants, so I think killing only 1 is enough.
Comment by ZandalarCatari
2012-08-28 02:22:27
I just finished this one, but had to get a friend to come help. Some of the NPCs were driving rattlesnake battleships. Not only that but all 12 npc were already spawned in a close knit pack and all aggroed as soon as I attacked one.
Comment by BillC
2013-01-05 14:50:07
Confirmed, just kill Lieutenants for Blitz.
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-01-15 02:00:01
Don't use t1 drones

Comment by SuchLuck
2014-03-20 05:13:10
Killed in a caracal with RLM/Invuln/Thermal Hardener/DCU 2 - only 1.6m sp

Would however reccomend heavy missiles as many cruisers.

Good loot around 1m.
Comment by WaifuStealer
2015-12-02 06:55:06
NPCs on this mission will change their targets to kill your drones. If you're flying a cruiser most damage will be mitigated if you keep range at 40+km.
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