Recon, Level 2

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Part 2 of 3

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace MWD: Yes
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ship class: Cruiser (Full Clear), Shuttle (Blitz)
Recommended generic setup: Short/Mid Range Combat

Fly to the acceleration gate which has been locked down by the mining corporation. See if they will let you through. Then report back to your agent.

Tip: the gate is a "large collidable object", make sure to turn that on in your overview to see it.

Single Pocket

Approach the gate, approximately 60 to 75 km from warp in
When you get close [10 km], or attack the station, there is an ambush by...

Group 1
2x Mercenary Sentry Gun (Tower Sentry Guristas I)
2x Mercenary Light Missile Battery (Angel Light Missile Battery)
6x Frigates (Mercenery Elite Fighter)
3x Frigates (Mercenary Fighter)
1x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)


Fly to the gate in a shuttle, trigger the ambush, warp out.

Mining Station drops random loot, but has a large amount of hp.

Part 3 of 3

Faction: None
Mission type: Reconnaissance
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Omni (All types)
Extras: Gas Cloud Damage
Recommended ship class: Cruiser
Recommended generic setup: 10K EHP+ Omni Tank, or Pure speed

Warp In

You warp directly into a cloud. Warp-out gate is 60km away, activate it to complete the mission.

Toxic Cloud Wave (~every 20 second)
Waves deal all kinds of damage evenly and occur at 5, 25, 45, 65, 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, and 205 seconds after the initial damage.
Every wave has 4 separate damage types.
Total unresisted damage starts at about 200 (50 per type) and slightly goes up to about 1400 (350 per type).
The final wave will be more than 4000 (more than 1000 per type) unresisted damage.
See the full breakdown in the comments.

Pocket 1

No enemies
No Structures

Mineable Asteroids
30x Plagioclase
16x Pyroxeres
45x Veldspar


Comment by TatonkaSmith
2008-07-04 19:02:37
On 2 of 3, flew at locked gate in shuttle, triggered ambush at 9k from gate. Warped out. Objective completed.
Comment by MeatiuS
2008-08-05 13:08:02
completed 3 of 3 in a Thorax with a Y-5A Hydrocarbon I Afterburner
Comment by VahanKoloyan
2008-08-09 22:09:55
Shooting at the Mining Corporation Headquarters causes the hostiles to appear and you get instant agro. Now you don't have to approach the accelartion gate
Comment by TheObjective
2008-08-20 09:56:34
Completed 3/3 on Crusader (2 overdrives / 2 nanofibers / 2 aux thrusters rigs / AB / Small SB) in 25 seconds. Only two waves caught - first gives 20% damage to shield, second drops shield to 70%.
Comment by GjBs
2008-09-17 00:21:08
Completed 3/3 with a Slasher, nothing but a 1MN Afterburner, and a Small Shield Booster I, and the damage never touched the hull. With my current skills, shield 270, armor 291, and I top out at 1060 m/s but I finished with room to spare, mind your cap and don't let it run out.
Comment by ZygomaAk
2008-12-26 02:29:15
Completed 3/3 in Atron with Damage Control I, 1MN Afterburner I, and Small Capacitor Battery I. Remember to disable AB as you get within 5 km of gate or you may overshoot it. Burned up several Slashers and Condors trying this earlier. Atron ran out of cap without the battery.
Comment by XennDC
2009-01-21 00:42:55
Station took about 1600 Heavy missiles and dropped crap. 3xT1 items.
Comment by FiloFox
2009-02-02 02:55:39
For part 3 if you need speed use a Vigil with 3 overdrives on the low slots, as it can achieve more speed than the Slasher. It can do 2101m/s with a Gistii B-Type 1mn Afterburner and proper skills at "All level 5".
Comment by MareNubium
2009-02-02 12:37:07
Wow. Completed 3/3
Minimum requirements:
1. Catalyst; pure armor tanking
2. NO gunnery whatsoever
3. Fitting: mid slots: cap recharger 1, Y-S8 Hydrocarbon Afterbuners 1
Low slots: Electrostatic Heat Diffusion Plating, Dual SheatHed Reactive Plating 1, Small armor repairer.

As soon as you warp into the cloud, first activate AB, then approach acceleration gate.
Meanwhile, when shield is about to collapse, active small armor repairer.
At appr. 17 km activate acc. gate, cap will be empty about this time.
4th wave will hit you, but then you'll already be warping out. Shield 100% damage, Armor about 50% damage, no structure damage.
Just made it.
Comment by TtoraiEve
2009-02-19 05:35:59
Recon ( 3 of 3 ) Completed easily in a Caracal with Shield Power Relay, Damage Control, 10MN Afterburner, Invulnerability Field and 3x Large Shield Extenders. Complete Fitting was T1.
Comment by KeT
2009-03-30 16:52:08
Vahan's comment is no longer correct. Firing at the station in 2 of 3 will get you tons of aggro, but will not complete the objective. Essentially it'll just make the mission much harder. Be patient and fly out to the gate.
Comment by LiviaCatarella
2009-04-05 09:45:55
I used an armor-tanked Rupture with no buffer and an AB II (590 m/s), i.e. a relatively slow boat. Went straight out to the gate in 2: almost no damage at all (> 80% shields). Was slow off the mark in 3 and forgot to switch on my DC II for two thirds of the way. Didn't even get into armor all the same, ended up with about 35% shields. Easy.
Comment by PassageWay
2009-04-20 17:43:40
3/3 done in stripped down vexor, 2 x eanm, DCU, med repper, 100MN afterburner. gets up to nearly 1km/s, turn it off at 10km and coast to the gate. Never went below 40% shield
Comment by NemrodTerzi
2009-04-29 20:39:56
3/3 Easily done in a cruiser (Caracal) with 3 large/1 medium shield extenders and a 10mn AB. Only moving at 400m/s I arrived at gate with 75% shield left. Apparently overkill for an easy walk in the park... only burned through about 2k worth of shield getting there.
Comment by Vorthos1
2009-05-16 00:07:11
The waves of damage are NOT timed.

Attempted to do this in a Crusader, 1900 m/s with an AB, shields stripped within 5 seconds, and 10 sec later about 25km from the gate, the final wave triggered instapopping me.
Comment by AhenEve
2009-07-08 20:53:08
Shuttle works for 2 0f 3, never broke the shield before warp out.

on 3 of 3 used my clean-up catalyst with overdrive injectors and AB. 1 med shield boost I kept the shields pumping, the waves never cracked the shield tank.
Comment by Flaming111
2009-07-20 22:24:08
Completed part 2 with executioner, T2 1mn ab, 2 odj.
Completed part 3 with T2 1mn ab, SAR II, N-type reflective membrane, n-type thermic hardener, dcu II and cap power relay. armor resists: 73 em, 74 therm, 69kin, 83 exp. 60% on hull.
Comment by BossStubs
2009-07-30 21:17:45
2/3 Completed with shuttle
3/3 Done in Caracal with 2x Large F-S9 Regolith Shield Injection 1x Photon Scattering Field I, 10mn afterburner I, Medium Clarity Ward Booster and 1x Damage Control I

I made it to the gate with 80% shield left, never having to activate the booster.
Comment by Cita77
2009-08-19 13:12:14
2/3 very easy in the thorax.

3/3 Just manage thru with 30% hull damage. Did use my armor rep 1 all the way...
Comment by StefanFinseth
2009-09-11 16:27:04
Did 2/3 in a shuttle like so many others and took my rifter that I use for level 2s for 3/3 and did some speed fitting on it:
Meds: 10mn Afterburner t2 (That's right, cruiser size baby!), 2x small shield extender t2
Lows: Overdrive Injectoer t2, 2x Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Worked like a charm and with my skills this baby runs over 2100 m/s
Comment by JosemitE
2009-10-10 03:18:04
did 3/3 in an ishkur with AB II, overdrive II, Damage Control II, SAR II, meta 3 medium shield extender, warped out with 75% shields left
Comment by ThiefOfNight
2010-01-14 20:19:33
did 3/3 in a Comet with ABII (1151 m/s) no DCU, just faction lows, but it never got through my shield, finished with 35% left. Did all 3 in same ship with same fit, easy.
Comment by SerenaLen
2010-01-25 20:57:56
2/3: Shuttle works. Warp out when you see red crosses.

3/3: Catalyst with fast setup works. 2x overdrive injector, 10MN Afterburner. 1x medium shield booster. I touched the booster three times, and the shield held.
Comment by LughesI
2010-02-06 16:21:54
did 3/3 in a Rifter with about 30% shield left:

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I, 2x Overdrive Injector System I, Y-S8 Hydrocarbon I Afterburners, 2x Small Azeotropic Ward Salubrity I
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-02-14 04:32:28
Towers drop T1 munitions, Headquarters drop 3 items - 'Limos' Rocket Launcher, Cap Booster 150 x10 and (Faction Ammo) Federation Navy Uranium Charge S x1000
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-02-15 21:03:32
On Recon (3 of 3), the schedule of actual damage done to my Dominix was as follows. I was armor tanked, but only shields took damage unless otherwise noted. My Dominix was afterburning at 284 m/s. Time is measured in seconds since the first wave hit; the first wave will hit as you come out of warp.

0 seconds - 117 damage
5 seconds - 161 damage
25 seconds - 219 damage
44 seconds - 258 damage
65 seconds - 315 damage
95 seconds - 335 damage
115 seconds - 406 damage
135 seconds - 464 damage
155 seconds - 522 damage
175 seconds - 900 damage
204 seconds - 3200 damage (shields were taken out completely by this wave. Armor damage was minimal, but I was armor hardened.)

I tried to study my combat log, but the individual damage entries were not consistent with omnidamage waves hitting a standard Tech 1 0%/20%/40%/50% resistance shield.

I have deleted one of my previous comments because I made an erroneous statement about the gas cloud damage having an explosion velocity.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-02-17 15:23:11
I got this mission a few more times, so I took the opportunity to do some testing using shield hardeners. I brought my Dominix into Recon (3 of 3) three times, each time with a shield extender and a different hardener, and recorded the damage reported in the log. I then compared the logs and calculated the pre-resist damage.

Strangely enough, the damage wave at 5 seconds was not observed by my Dominix. But, when I used the result to fly an Atron through the next time I got the mission, the 5-second wave WAS observed. It's possible that only fast ships will see the 5-second wave.

I now believe the schedule of damage to be as follows. For each wave, the number of seconds since the first damage wave is listed followed by the four damage types in order of EM, Thermal, Kinetic, Explosive.

0 seconds - 50, 30, 30, 50
5 seconds - 70, 40, 40, 70 (finicky; you may or may not get hit by this)
25 seconds - 90, 60, 60, 90
45 seconds - 80, 100, 80, 100
65 seconds - 120, 120, 90, 90
95 seconds - 130, 100, 100, 130
115 seconds - 140, 140, 140, 140
135 seconds - 160, 160, 160, 160
155 seconds - 180, 180, 180, 180
175 seconds - 200, 400, 300, 400
205 seconds - 1100, 1200, 900, 1200

Total cumulative pre-resist damage (if you stay the entire duration) is:
2320 ElectroMagnetic, 2530 Thermal, 2080 Kinetic, 2610 Explosive

Any ship with more than 9,540 effective hitpoints SHOULD survive the full duration. More effective hitpoints is better, obviously; sending in a ship with 9541 effective hitpoints without self-repair capabilities would be very unwise. But 9,540 effective hitpoints is the benchmark by which you can judge whether or not your ship can eat the full damage and come out intact.

As you can see, it's almost (but not quite) omnidamage, so omnitanking would be a good idea if you have the slots for it. If you absolutely must prioritize resistances, cover your explosive first; Tech 1 shieldtanking ships will naturally have this covered. The second resistance to cover is EM if you intend to jump the acceleration gate within 2.5 minutes, thermal otherwise; Tech 1 armortanking ships will naturally have this covered.
Comment by CrunacArclight
2010-02-23 12:31:07
Recon 1/3: Completed in a Amarr Shuttle, go to acceleration gate and activate.
Recon 2/3: Completed in a Amarr Shuttle, go to acceleration gate, at 9000m hostiles show up, warp home.
Recon 3/3 Completed in a Amarr Destroyer (Coercer) with only 1 10MN afterburner, 3 Overdrive Injectors I and 1 Small Armor Repairer. No sweat at all...had just begun taking armor damage when I reached the acceleration gate. Peaked at 1300m/s.
Comment by TheIntersect
2010-02-23 20:14:32
2/3: The comment by VahanKoloyan that you can shoot at the headquarters and complete the mission is incorrect. Shooting at the headquarters does cause the mercs to spawn but it does not cause the mission to complete, you still have to get to the gate.
Comment by FelyzaWish
2010-06-29 02:24:04
(3/3) Moa (Cruiser 4) ... AB II, IVU II, 2x L-SE II, DCU I ... Shields at 7328/8193 on exiting.
Comment by KasoBaan
2010-07-24 11:04:49
Just had an interesting experience with this mission, need someone else to confirm:
Wanted to try it in an untanked condor for the lulz, warped in, got first wave of damage (50% shield left) bookmarked acceleration gate, warped back to station and then tried warping directly to the gate.
Didn't work of course but worth a try I thought... until I got damage directly after warping in, instapopping me.
This means that the damage waves increase and trigger even when you are not in the pocket. Switched to a Drake, approached acceleration gate without propulsion mods, TOOK NO DAMAGE whatsoever.
So, warping in once and out again, waiting for damage to pass, and then warping in again should do the deal with any ship, needs confirmation though...
Comment by KasoBaan
2010-07-24 17:14:25
Had the mission again, same symptoms, warped in, got 1st damage wave, warped out, waited a few minutes, warped in again, no damage at all while approaching acceleration gate!
Comment by DrogDar
2010-07-25 12:49:11
Did not test the warping out theory. The third part was easily completed in condor with AB, Small SB, and Overdrive injector, all of which were T2. Finished with 75% armor remaining.
Comment by GoLagoz
2010-08-09 19:51:02
With 395m/s speed you will be able to avoid the final wave damage.
I suggest going atleast 420m/s+ for easy clear.
Comment by BavaBear
2010-11-19 21:46:45
Confirming what Kasobaan said, just jump in, out, and back again then mosey on over.
Comment by GainardBold
2011-03-08 11:34:26
Warping out no longer works. When you warp in again the waves just start again (not sure if from step one).
Krept all the way to the gate in a vexor (shield extender II, Damage control II, no MWD or AB). Took only shield damage, used the acceleration gate, bookmarked the Asteroid belt and jumped into my Hulk.
Damage began building up on warp in. Last wave got me into 30% armor - despite shield booster running and restoring the shield to almost 100% before final wave.
After final wave no more damage received, even though Hulk only made 80m/s.
PS: Not worth the effort, roids are quite small (Pyroxeres 5 - 12k). If you log in after DT an ordinary belt yields larger roids.
Comment by KarantaD
2011-04-03 21:04:03
I warped out as soon as I entered because I had forgotten to fit a MWD, When I re-entered I was blown up right away in a ship that has survived 3/3 many times before.
Comment by HerodotusPrime
2011-05-01 18:53:49
My poor shuttle just got warp disrupted and blown up in Recon 2. Not a huge loss but something to think about if you're flying something more expensive.
Comment by BabbaWakka
2011-05-14 20:16:03
3/3 completed in condor with MWD, overdrive injector and small shield extender. 25% shields remaining. I suggest flying manually to a point slighty above or below the gate or you might stuck on it as your ship tries to turn on a dime at 3000m/s lol.
Comment by ChoiJs88
2011-07-12 20:45:12
3/3 completed in an Omen (Amarr Cruiser).

High slots: Nothing
Medium slots: 1 x Phased Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters
1 x Small Supplemental Barrier Emitter I
1 x Small Subordinate Screen Stabilizer I
Low slots: 3 x Overdrive Injector System 1
1 x Small I-A Bolarized Armor Regenerator
1 x 400mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates I

The maximum velocity goes up to 493m/s, and I was able to reach the acceleration gate and warp out to the research facility with barely a scratch to my armor.
Comment by OnyxSoulle
2011-07-22 14:11:39
I tested the warp in/out theory. Worked fine on my alt(who had the mission) but doesn't seem to work for my main who was going to go mine.

I warped in in a Caldari shuttle on the toon that had the mission, took the first hit from the first wave and immediately warped to dock. I waited till the time it said the last wave pulses(205 seconds). Then warped back out and flew to the acceleration gate without taking any damage. I then tried the same with my toon in the retriever. Went out, took damage, warped to dock, waited, went back out and took damage again like it had started over.
Comment by OnyxSoulle
2011-07-22 14:29:08
I can't duplicate the warp in/out on my main, every time I go in, I start taking damage. But for some reason in worked with no problems on the toon with the mission.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2011-09-12 12:21:35
OK. I have done it but it was ridiculus - no damage taken at all for the second time.
First i tried to make it with fast frigate - after second wave I warped out with shield almost 0% and it wasn't even a half way.
2 minutes later I was back in passive-tanked Caracal and tried again - there was no radiation waves at all...
Mission completed :) Probably bug of some kind...
Comment by SatchuPhaidon
2012-01-17 14:17:32
Did 3/3 in a Slasher. MWD made it go at 2672 m/s. I think I took 2 waves; got to 25% armour.
Comment by KartofiusAlAndalus
2012-02-27 13:06:27
light missile batteries here not heavy
Comment by PrinceAikka
2013-01-21 04:37:54
3 of 3 ran in a Gila 17,348hp sheilds at 857s resistances 65% or better, went and got a cup of coffee, got side tracked, came back 30 min later sheilds at 100% I know I know, over kill running a Gila for lvl 2s
Comment by KathrineEnaka
2013-05-14 22:18:05
Completed all in a Condor with T1 AB and shield resists. Needed small use of shield boost in 3/3
Comment by MidnightBreeze
2014-09-13 23:17:13
3/3 Completed very easy in a Merlin frig with MWD, Damage Control, Shield Booster, and some Nanofibers fitted. MWD works no problem the 3/3 pocket. never got below ~60% shield
Comment by TemperMental
2014-12-14 16:03:33
Filled a jetcan in the second area with a venture with an MWD.
Warped out and back in. Took zero damage on the way to the acceleration gate.
Warped back the second time and took a bit of damage.
Third time I was instagibbed. At least the pod made it out.
Comment by ZaMi
2016-12-30 21:45:32
Part 2 mining headquarters dropped 1000 Federation Navy Iridium charge L,Hammerhead I,but took forever to destroy.
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