The Rogue Slave Trader, Level 3

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The Rogue Slave Trader, Part (1 of 2)

Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal
Damage Received: EM, Thermal
Scramblers: Elder Corpii Follower & Elder Corpii Worshipper
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM, Thermal
Recommended Ships: Caracal, Drake, Ferox, Harbinger, Domi, Gila
Difficulty: Very Easy

Single Pocket

The Slave Pen taking hull damage triggers the spawn after about 5-7 minutes
Spawn will occur in about 9-11 minutes even if you ignore the Slave Pen

Single Group:

2x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Follower/Worshipper) (Scram)
2x Cruisers (Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)

Single spawn (not guaranteed)

1x Battlecruiser (Blood Raider Slaver)

Destory Slave Pen, Loot Prisoners, Warp Out

Bounty : 194,812 ISK
Loot : ~ 15,000 ISK

Part 1 of 2

Downing the Slavers, Part (2 of 2)

Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space Type: Normal
Damage Received: EM, Thermal
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM, Thermal
Recommended ships: Ferox, Arbitrator, Drake, Domi, Gila
Difficulty: Easy

On Warp In

Instant aggro.

Single Group

3x Frigates (Corpii Collector/Diviner/Raider) weapon disruption
1x Destroyer (Corpior Cleric)
3x Cruisers (Corpum Arch Priest/Arch Sage/Arch Templar/Revenant/Dark Corpum Arch Engraver)

Scordite roids 10x - 25k per asteroid = total of 250k
Veldspar roids 6x - 90k per asteroid = total of 540k

Safe to tanked AFK mine after clearing. 1-2 low level rats will harass you but are easily tanked. Remember not to turn in mission.

Pocket 1

The gate lands you right in the middle of a defensive square structure with sentries & ships on each corner @ 5 to 16km with a 15 second-ish delay before being aggro'd.

Single group

4x Sentries (Blood Raider)
4-5x Destroyers (Corpior Cleric/Converter/Devoter/Friar/Templar/Visionary)
2-3x Battlecruisers (Corpior Bishop/Shade/Blood Raider Slavers)

Note that sentries have 250km range though and will still hit you at 100km. This should however be tankable long enough to pick off the ships as they come toward you.

Walls & Elevators do not have loot.
Sentry Guns drop Medium Frequency Crystals.

In the last pocket you only have to kill the Slavers this completes the mission and you can warp out. Other kills are optional.

Bounty : 773,001 ISK
Loot : ~ 177,000 ISK

Killing the Slave Pen in part 1 incurs a -4.0% standing penalty with The Blood Raider Covenant

Part 2 of 2

Comment by SillexHaiivn
2008-07-06 19:52:16
Bllod Raider Sentry Towers range is 250km
Comment by WheatGrass
2008-08-17 22:06:54
Distances: In part 1 of 2, warping to within 0km placed me within 27km to 30km of the enemy. In part 2 of 2, it placed me within 16 to 24km of the enemy.

An ECCM module was used to counter weapons disruption along with a sensor backup array.

In part 2 of 2, taking out the sentries first prevented the remaining enemies from getting past my battlecruiser shields.
Comment by GrantaviusFowler
2008-08-20 22:41:08
comment 'safe to afk mine' is not always true, the rats that might or might not spawn will be the same as what is found at an asteroid belt for that system, if you run this in low sec or 0.0 the rats can be quite wicked, the best bet is a system with no asteroid belts in it, there will be no rats at all
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2009-02-01 05:19:36
Cancelling the warp then rewarping is the method to get a true warp-to distance in part one of this mission.
Comment by CynicalRise
2009-03-21 21:10:08
Simple Mission, my Harbingers tank was more then enough.
Comment by AvramGarrison
2009-06-17 00:43:52
mission 1/2 has 89k in veldspar also
Comment by NicCage
2009-06-23 22:18:13
Both parts easily done in a Vexor. EM/Therm tank
Comment by Travis9x
2009-09-08 13:17:14
On the mission index page, this is listed as a Sansha mission...but the rats are clearly Blood Raiders. Someone should fix that, and make sure it is listed correctly.
Comment by ZarinaD
2009-09-22 21:58:32
part 1 spawns were present on warp in. Killing the slave pens and looting completed mission.
Comment by MaevaX
2009-10-28 02:24:14
To second teh above poster, this is a Blood Raiders mission.

Also, the blitz for 1 of 2 is to kill the slave pen, loot, and go home.
One of the small frigs can warp scram.

Completed in a completely overtanked passive shield Ishtar with absolutely no challenge.
Comment by MaevaX
2009-10-28 02:33:18
Also confirming that the blitz on 2/2 is to just kill the 2x slaver ships.
Comment by JeroNimax
2010-02-15 13:22:34
i got an internal force field array I which have marked value at 10.5 mil. from one of the Raider skavers...
Comment by FaiaArashi
2010-07-01 00:10:16
In part one I got 9x Veldspar, total yield unknown (didn't check).
Comment by ShamoYing
2010-07-07 18:10:12
the spawn in part one takes some minutes to come up, if you blow the slave pen, so be careful when mining/salvaging.
also confirming that the enemies are bloodraiders.

If anyone experiences the same: if i complete the mission, part2 is renamed to "Downing the slaves", wich is listed here as level4 mission. in fact it seems to be level3 though.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-07-29 21:08:06
Confirmed, 2nd part is 'Downing the Slavers'.

Completed in T2 fit Hurricane - Passive Shield tank, active Hardeners, AB, Gyrostabilizer, Artillery/Heavy Missile

I clicked 'Keep Range' from nearest sentry tower with AfterBurner on and shot far ships first. Shield held at 1/3rd down
Comment by RaabenFeder
2010-08-13 15:54:32
the best omber minning mission for amarr or galdari guys!
done this one very often.
simply clean the first room, mine the ore, but leave the 2nd room. the mission will be reseted every day after the daily downtime until its not flaged "complete"!
every day fresh omber, but first a few fresh enemies to kill in the first room :)
secound room is easy done with any t2 or well fitted battlecruiser. i prefer a t2
a note to beginners. in room 2. after warp-in, quicky fly vertical up- or downward away.
and kill the sentries first, at 2nd the destroyers, at last the battlecruisers.
and use your drones after getting stage agro!
secound note to you beginners: dont try in the 2nd room your new battleship :) !
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-14 21:57:32
In 1/2 I get the slaver sooner than 5-7 minutes after getting into the pen hull, more like a minute or less.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-02-19 21:21:12
My ore total was 250k scordite and 940k veldspar. Didn't get roid count but the veldspar were a mix of 50k and 90k roids.
Comment by BabbaWakka
2011-05-05 01:51:46
Just another heads up on the very delayed BC spawn in 1/2.. it seemed like almost five minutes in my case after the pen and everything was gone. I'm glad I was wasn't AFK when I warped the noctis in lol.

The final pocket of 2/2 wasn't so bad. Passive drake got down to 25% shields despite forgetting to fit an EM hardener.
Comment by LolesChech
2011-05-25 14:53:33
Part 1: Destroying the slave pen does not trigger the count down. Last ship killed (I guess, or warp in) triggers the countdown, and destroying the slave pen triggers the BC appearing.

As always I killed everything and went back to base leaving the slaves behind. When I went back and destroyed the slave pens, the BC appeared instantly.
Comment by XeCara
2012-06-18 09:16:36
I failed to get a spawn in pt 1, but got the mission from an 8.9 standing agent, with 7.35 corp standing... maybe it's their idea of a reward?
Comment by DuncanIx
2012-06-21 03:22:17
1 of 2, Potentially a timer on spawn. Cleaned out the group and pen. Nearly cost me my shiny slow warping barge when the Battlecruiser spawned while I was mining.
Comment by HaruChan
2013-11-26 16:32:36
warp directly in part 2 does not work, warped to first acc as usual for deadspace
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