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Naming of Ship Classes

Faction Frigates Destroyers Battlecruisers Battleships

NPC Conventions = Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships
Angel Cartel = Gistii, Gistior, Gistum, Gistatis, Gist
Blood Raiders = Corpii, Corpior, Corpum, Corpior, Corpus
Rogue Drones = Alvi, Alvior, Alvum, Alvatis, Alvus
Guristas Pirates = Pithi, Pithior, Pithum, Pithatis, Pith
Sansha's Nation = Centii, Centior, Centum, Centatis, Centus
Serpentis Corporation = Coreli, Corelior, Corelum, Corelatis, Core

Naming of the elite ships. Interceptors (web/scramble) for frigs and hac/ew for cruisers.
Angel Cartel: Arch, Angel Webifier, Angel Viper
Blood raiders: Elder
Rogue Drones: Strain
Guristas Pirates: Dire
Mercenaries: Mercenary Wingman
Sansha's Nation: Loyal
Serpentis Corporation: Guardian

Empire factions: Support Frigate

Note: there are more ships that web/scramble and have special abilities.

More info here (out of game):
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