Unauthorized Military Presence, Level 1

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Faction: Gurista Pirates
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, Therm

Pocket 1

Group 1:

3x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Invader (Frigate class) --TRIGGER

First Spawn:

4x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
2x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)

Pocket 2

Group 1: (25km)

1x Pithi Despoiler (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Saboteur (Frigate class) --TRIGGER

First Spawn: (50km)

2x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)
2x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Infiltrator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Invader (Frigate class)
1x Guristas Personnel Transport (Drops 10x Militants)

Mining: Both rooms combined yielded 80M in minerals at Feb 2010 Market prices.
(Note: Used a perfect refine and zero tax at a 50% NPC station, RSS)

Standing loss
Killing the Transport Ship incurs a -4.0% standing loss

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Comment by JaxunShadoweyes
2009-02-25 22:49:57
There seems to be a lot of ore in here: many asteroids are 40 thousand and larger.
Comment by StevenCarter
2009-03-13 03:04:19
Now a two room mission, the last spawn is behind another jump gate. 2 x Pith Imputors on arrival (no agro), killing them brings the rest of the spawn.

Roid fields in both rooms. First room insertion point is about 20-25km from the good mining spots. Second room about 50km + from good mining spots.
First room has one Kernite Roid with 10 units, Second has one Omber Roid with 10 units. Both rooms also have 30 Plagioclase Roids 800,000 units; 16 Pyroxers Roids 480,000 units; 45 Veldspar Roids 1,500,000 units approximately.
Comment by InfiniteZer0
2010-08-02 15:52:04

Skip First Room

Kill Trigger in Second Room

Kill Transport, Loot Militants, Warp out and Return to Agent
Comment by ReverendBurrows
2010-09-23 11:03:31
Went back to mine the Kernite (don't know why with that small amount), anyways, I had previously cleared the area of Pith before entering next room. Was attacked by a random(?) Guristas Saboteur - dropped a Guristas Copper Tag - worth near half a mil ISK - Don't know if this happens every time - will check next time I'm through.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-10-14 06:58:12
No loot from structures in pocket 2.
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