Right Hand of Zazzmatazz, Level 4

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: Heavy Thermal, Kinetic, Explosive
Web/ scramble: Frigates (Seven Lookout/ Seven Deathguard)
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal (best), Therm (Zor), Kinetic (secondary); Orbit range ~22km
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC
Video: Ishtar blitz, Nightmare, Navy Apoc,Long Range Sentry Dominix + Salvage CNR

Single Pocket

As of October 2014 it is possible to warp in at any range.
Auto-aggro from Group 1 at warp-in.
Group 2 remains neutral, but it will aggro drones. Fleet members may also aggro Group 2.


Spawn Locations at Warp-In

Group 1 (50- 60km, Auto-aggro)

2x Frigates (Seven Deathguard) Web/ scramble
3x Cruisers (Seven Assassin/ Thug)
3x Cruisers (Seven Bodyguard)
1x Cruiser (Olufami/ Schmidt/ Elena Gazky)
1x Battleship (Seven Macleari or Mercenary Overlord)
1x Battleship (Zor)

See below for the detailed damage output.

Group 2: (50- 70km)

4x Frigates (Seven Lookout/ Mercenary Wingman) Web/ scramble



Non-Ganged logistics ships do not get aggro from group 2.


Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~5.1 to 6.2 mil
Bounty: ~1,564,000 ISK

Ships detail:

Orbit Max.
Shield Resistances (%) Armor Resistances (%) DPS (hp/s)
2x Seven Deathguard 5,000m 500m/s 300 225 15 50 45 30 60 - 25 35 - 16 16 19
3x Seven Assassin 15,000m 400m/s 1600 1150 55 50 55 55 60 - 25 35 18 25 7 -
3x Seven Bodyguard 20,000m 400m/s 1700 1200 - 60 40 20 68 50 55 55 17 13 28 -
1x Elena Gazky 15,000m 400m/s 1200 1800 - 60 40 20 50 10 25 35 22 - 6 28
1x Mercenary Overlord 3,500m 400m/s 3975 3500 - 60 40 20 60 - 25 35 - - 42 96
4x Mercenary Wingman 8,500m 900m/s 325 325 15 50 45 30 70 10 25 25 10 11 4 -
1x Zor 20,000m 400m/s 5800 4575 - 60 40 20 60 10 25 25 - - - 180
15 total ships Averages/Totals: 22,775 18,675 12.8 57.1 43.6 28.2 61.2 13.7 30.8 35.7 163 193 201 342

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Doing the warp trick you can also warp to within 100 KM's and place a bookmark. Warp out and warp in at 50 KM's to that bookmark to snipe the mission.
All NPC missiles have a range of 80 KM's except for Zor so take him out first and then kite the rest.
-- CaddE (2008-06-11 11:41:52)
Golem or CNR should not be "recommended" ships. Very few players own a marauder or a faction bs. It's an easy mission , no overkill ship should be recommended to finish it. Mission done with an apocalypse t2 Therm/Kin + 1 eanm and a t2 LAR with a heat sink and t1 named beam lasers.
-- BlasTerd (2008-07-01 11:06:58)
The blitz didn't work for me. I had to kill 2-3 Seven Bodyguards (ontop of the HQ and Zor) until the mission objective was completed.
-- TomSchlong (2008-07-12 11:18:40)
The missing final trigger appears to be Seven Macleari. Bodyguard cruisers and frigates don't seem to trigger mission completion when killed. Will confirm in the next iteration.
-- SturmWolke (2008-07-13 12:40:21)
I just signed up, so not even sure if I should be posting here O.o

Anyway, I can confirm that I also had to destroy 2 out of 3 of the bodyguards as well as the HQ and Zor for the mission to flag complete.
-- GrustaR (2008-07-19 00:29:53)
Every single time I do this mission I get completion after the headquarters, Zor, Macleari, the named cruiser and the Bodyguard which is closest to them. (That's 4 ships and 1 structure exactly.) Warp-cancel-warp to land right on top and it's the 4 closest ships every time. If you don't pick out the correct bodyguard right away, it will get mixed up with the others and then you'll have to guess which is the right one.

I'm in Caldari space, mayhaps it's different elsewhere, but it's always identical here.
-- UmdSdn (2008-07-26 21:27:08)
I recomend the drake, it is pretty easy with tech 2 mods to protect the ship. I agree with BlasTerd about the over kill. I also agree that Tor needs to be taken out first, he packs a punch. Also, I used Therm and Kin for my missles and realized that the Kin damage I more idealy better for everyone but the 2 BSs, especially if you are using a Caladri ship who's damage revolve around Kinetic.
-- JupachA (2008-07-28 22:16:16)
Confirmed mission completion trigger. Kill Zor, Seven Macleari, the named cruiser and the Seven Bodyguard closest to Zor at the initial warp-in. You get about 10-15 secs to identify this cruiser and it's actually in the picture above (wrongly labelled as the named cruiser).

Will be getting the pic replaced, as soon as Chepe checks the submit box.
-- SturmWolke (2008-08-01 10:44:33)
I have run this mission through in a Myrmidon. Take one group at a time and you won't have to warp out. Keeping in mind that i'm shield tanking.... Killed everything starting with frigs and cruisers using the drones, then concentrated firepower on the BS's
-- DeimosBarret (2008-08-06 05:44:27)
I'm not at all convinced by the suggestion to start with Zor, unless you happen to warp in close to him. When I tried this tactic in my Domi, some drones came under fire and had to be withdrawn, and in the time it took to do significant damage with my long-range ammo, I could have dispatched quite a few of the nearer rats. I think that would have reduced incoming damage faster -- especially given that I would have been webbed less and able to run away more!
-- KimbeauSurveryor (2008-08-10 18:11:05)
The drone aggro is from the frigs. I haven't tested in a while, but I presume you get almost full room aggro by starting with Zor. This leaves the frigs on the left and right side of the main group.
-- ItsJupix (2008-08-11 09:08:10)
Common sense dictates that for drone users, aggro the frigate group before releasing drones. As for killing Zor first, the tip does mention, if you're unable to bring your main weapons (i.e. your drones) to bear on him - kill any of the closest cruisers.
-- SturmWolke (2008-08-11 12:13:54)
Unless you just can't wait to blitz this mission and get out, Zor and the Outpost have had exceptional loot each time I've run it.
-- LotsaBytes (2008-08-12 21:48:29)
Easy mission.

Done in Hyperion with 8 x 425, 2 Tracking Comp, 3 x Cap Recharger, LAR, 3 Mag Stab, 1 x EANM and 1 x PDU, 4 Ogre II (Mainly t2 / faction stuff).

Warp in at 100 (cancel and rewarp ofc) - auto aggro ensures they head for you. Pop frigs then a few cruisers until Zor is in range. Shoot structure to aggro remaining frigs. Easy mode. Did not need to use drones.
-- AlannisEve (2008-09-21 00:28:48)
Oh and the loot is pure junk normally
-- AlannisEve (2008-09-21 00:33:32)
Easy mission, in perma rep raven. Warp to 0, kill Zor then the named Macherial rat, aggro all frigates, unleash drones (2 ogre II, 2 hammer II, 1 hobgob II), kill outpost, wait (or shoot up some of the cruisers if you feel like it)
-- TenkTenk (2008-10-21 08:13:32)
I cannot describe the loot from Zor or the Outpost as excellent. The type and quantity are nothing special and about the same as any other loot from similar missions.
-- KurullSkullsplitter (2009-03-05 10:02:59)
Group 2 should be labeled as 2 groups since their aggro is not connected. At least it has not been the 3 times I have run this mission. If you only aggro one side then launch drones, the other side will aggro your drones. You need to aggro both sides of group 2 separately.
-- TrabberShir (2009-03-09 01:56:26)
I had to kill Zor first to lower the dps, after that I could safely tank with my raven.

Get the outpost loot, it is awesome as is Zor's.
-- XikoRita (2009-03-16 11:01:25)
Killing Zor, Zor's Closest Bodyguard, HQ, Macleari, and Schmidt flagged the mission. (03-26-09)
-- OneShot (2009-03-26 22:49:50)
I got a +3 Charisma Implant from killing Olufami.
-- AnthonySciutto (2009-04-07 15:05:45)
this mission currently (as of date of this comment) is not completable by a pure drone boat, (eg: a domi that has no guns equipped) since drones can not damage the outpost which one needs to destroy to complete the mission. granted, a level 4 mission runner is unlikely to not have the skills to get around this issue, so this is an fyi.

i was doing this mission with thermal drones (hammerheads), and they could not damage the building at all. if i used turrets (lasers in my case) then i could easily hit the outpost. this seems really unfair to anyone that has focused on drones first.

i had another account try, (ogres) and they had the same issue.

i tried damaging the building with scouts, mediums, and heavys (using several damage types) none of them would work.

i have bugged this.
-- MaobihVanire (2009-04-19 12:42:29)
more about drones and damaging the outpost, it was suggested to me that i try the following if it happens again. i just got the mission again and this does solve the issue, fyi. they said:

Saw your post on Eve-survival about drones and the structures in Right Hand of Zazzmatazz. I had a similar issue in Damsel in Distress, found that i could send them against a different structure then back to the one i wanted and they would start attacking. I just did Right Hand and had the same issue, but then sent them against the solar harvester and back to the outpost and they were able to destroy it. An annoying bug for sure, but i fly a ishtar mostly so drones do 90% of my damage.
-- MaobihVanire (2009-04-20 19:16:19)
Sentry drones work OK on the structures.
-- CarnissiA (2009-04-29 13:09:21)
The problem with drones attacking the structure is because of the structure's geometry. It does not always work to send them back and forth so you must resort to guns.
-- ItPaladin (2009-05-22 12:58:25)
For Blitz, killing the named Cruiser (Schmidt and so on ..) is not needed - Zor, Macleari, closest bodyguard and Outpost is enough to complete the mission.

Sidenote: Zor is immune to any kind of electronic warfare such as target painters ...
-- VaLTrantor (2009-06-17 03:36:51)
I confirm the info from VaLTrantor.
-- QianzingYanshu (2009-07-09 08:45:02)
Target Painter worked on Zor for me, but ECM, Damps etc did not. That would make more sense anyway as there isn't actually a counter to Painting as such.
-- Peon155 (2009-09-09 13:44:46)
Zor dropped a "Zor's Custom Navigation Link"+ the Hacker Card.

Warped in at 100Km and killed everything. Easy mission in Faction/Officer Vargur-
A marauder may be overkill but that's the point-to grind LvL 4's FAST. The 100% tractor range and speed bonus really helps, (so does the 100% damage bonus LOL) Best 2.8 Bil I ever spent.
-- McApoc (2009-10-09 02:49:34)
Pocket 1: Flew away from them in my T2 fitted Rokh. (Easy difficulty)
-- MrT (2009-10-12 08:43:45)
Used this mission to test my Raven fit. It did fairly well.

I wasn't webbed or scrammed once, but I did the WT100 trick, so the ewar frigs might notta gotten in range.

Easy mission, I'd say.
-- AsdayXyfu (2009-11-20 19:59:45)
I cannot get the "Warp to ___ km" to appear. have started and cancelled warp several times.

Dropping a bookmark and choosing the "warp to within 100km" option doesn't work either.
-- CrucO (2009-12-01 23:03:21)
This "warp-cancel warp-warp to" things seems not to work with me. I clear this mission very easily with a T3 Tengu. Never got under 90% shield. Too easy to be honest. The aggro has been only partial. Just half fleet shooting at me.
-- Rikiriki2bis (2009-12-10 10:42:52)
The warp-to at range has been fixed. I did the mish 4 times recently and always at range if 45-55km from Zor. The advise to take him out first still stands, then go for frigates (especially when you are a drone user, those frigs always target drones).
-- DreXav (2009-12-20 08:08:47)
1200 m3 of loot/salvage.
-- BalaNah (2010-01-02 11:07:48)
6 M isk value.
-- BalaNah (2010-01-02 11:15:16)
No need to kill Olufami/Schmidt/Elena Gazky for the blitz
-- SmurfityBob (2010-02-06 09:20:16)
done in t2 paladin

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1pw4iSbYXc
-- AsCendancy (2010-02-16 17:03:54)
I think the guys who made those rediculously overkill ship recommendations do so to artificially limit the competition.

Common recommendations I refuse to follow and still manage to do very well:
"Dont use a Drake, it hasn't enough DPS" no comment needed

"Equip rat specific tank" I run 2InvulnIIs, 2LSEIIs, and 2LSRIIs;never adjust for facton and still survive just fine.

"Equip faction specific ammo" My normal scourges work just fine, why invest in a hangar full of different types?
-- TjanitN (2010-02-17 16:33:29)
Easy and fast in TII and dual Gistii B Tengu.
-- AlSyth (2010-02-25 15:48:15)
""Equip faction specific ammo" My normal scourges work just fine, why invest in a hangar full of different types? "

Because you might finish it faster with rat-specific weapons, and it's not like your hangar has a space limit... if you're doing level 4's, you obviously have the money to buy the other heavy missiles...
-- PlanetaryGenocide (2010-03-17 10:50:40)
Easily done with "classic arty" Maelstrom as follows:

8 x 1400mm arties, phased plasma
1 x X-large shield booster (meta 4 or better, cost is 150k for meta 4)
1 x Shield boost amplifier
1 x 100MN Afterburner
1 x Kinetic hardener II
1 x Thermal hardener II
1 x Invulnerability field II
1 x Tracking enhancer
1 x DCU
2 x Gyrostab

1) Warp in while zoomed out
2) AB away off Zor and keep the AB running
3) Kill Zor, then you should also be able to kill the associated frigates without needing drones since they have like 50m transversal
4) Kill the other BS or the cruisers getting closer than 40km as they come
5) Turn back, kill wave 2.
6) Loot
-- VaerahVahrokha (2010-03-23 14:00:15)
Completed in Caldari Navy Raven. Almost a challenge.

High slots:
7 x XT-9000 Cruise Missile Launchers loaded with Cataclysm Cruise Missiles
1 x Drone Link Aug

1 x Ballistic Defelection Field II
1 x Heat Dissipation Field Field II
1 x Photon Scattering Field II
1 x Invuln Field II
1 x Caldari Navy X-Large Shield Booster
1 x Caldari Navy Shield Boost Amplifier

2 x Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
3 x Capacitor Flux Coil II

3 x Large Capacitor Control Circuit
-- RentBoyUk (2010-04-15 08:53:11)
Completed in less than 10 mins with Abaddon, very easy when warping to 100 and sniping.

8x Mega Modulated Energy Beam I

4x Cap Recharger II

1x Power Diagnostic System II - not necessary for me (but I have fetish for 100% stable cap with all modules running) - could be swapped for another resist (but essential for pilots with lower skills or without implants, in order to power all 8 mega beams)
1x Large 'Accomodation' Vestment Reconstructor I
1x Thermic Hardener II
1x Kinetic Hardener II
3x Heatsink II

3x Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

Didnt need to release the hounds
-- PlecostomusGibbiceps (2010-05-11 12:14:39)
Iniital damage output was very high as described. Had to warp out once. Used Domi Drone Boat to clear and complete the mission:

1.3m Bounty
Buildings drop loot
-- TheHuffarunier1 (2010-06-19 13:07:09)
Easily done in a Myrmidon (T2 fitting - 2 x MARIIs, KHII and THII) - just make sure you get all the aggro from the frigates so they don't hassle your drones.
-- ThatOnethere (2010-09-01 08:05:08)
Oh yeah - Zor is somehow able to resist being target painted too (just says there is interference which prevents the module from operating)
-- ThatOnethere (2010-09-02 23:32:02)
I did the warp within 100 trick and the lookouts bugged out, would only attack my drones and reset every time I put them away. I'm not an old hand at this game, but even when I hit them with missiles they just flew back to their posts after drones were gone.
-- BavaBear (2011-02-09 00:49:08)
Less than 7 min in a T2 Navy Apoc. Zor does most of the DPS (Cataclysm Cruise Missile). 673m3 of salvage.
-- IrodEllen (2011-04-26 18:53:19)
Easy mission. Did it np in my Maelstrom. Had no trouble killing Zor.

800mm Guns and 2 Therm 1 Kin hardner. Was cake.

Randomly got a Memory Augmentation - Basic off one of the random ships. Kinda nice :D
-- LadyAsheyna (2011-06-19 11:52:51)
a trick i used that didn't require any thing special from a tank was a kite. i warped in at 100km and drew out my drones. all the ships targeted me and headed towards me. i set my default Keep At Range to 160km (warp distance with some buffer) then flew away until i was in warp range of the structure you have to destroy. all the mean while picking off the faster ships as they caught up. worked good and kept any conglomerate of DPS from being placed on me. warped to the structure when i could which left only a few ships left and finished it off (no blitz, go for bounties).
-- CaltinorPlayer (2011-10-30 18:55:35)
Not sure if something has changed but I used kinetic heavy missiles on my Tengu and they ripped Zor apart in five volleys. To put it in perspective: many Serpentis BS'es require 6-9 volleys. Would be good if someone feels like checking out if his resists have changed or something.
-- BlueSea (2011-11-20 14:42:36)
If you have the skills and turret damage to kill frigates fast (more than one per volley fast) you might find taking out all the frigates, launching drones and taking out everything else works well for you. Everything was about 60km away, so kill the frigates, get the drones out and kill the cruisers, then take out the battleships.

Despite being an active shield tanker, I didn't turn the shield booster on and didn't drop under 75% shields: gank was definitely it's own tank. If you're in something that involves any speed-tanking you might find it better to sit still and pop the frigates, it will buy you an extra volley or two in case you miss one in fall-off, and a bit longer to take out some cruisers too.
-- EloisePasteur (2011-12-22 19:20:41)
easy mission, but could take a trouble with a different damage

loot&salvage - poor
-- Nismo1985 (2012-03-01 18:25:07)
Dropped Zor's Custom Navigation Link but ALSO Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link worth about 20kk. Did this mission at least 10 times and thats the first drop of something of real value.
-- ReaveToralen (2012-09-26 06:04:59)
Found a +3 Optical implant while looting this mission.
-- Neckbeard0 (2012-12-30 03:47:37)
Just lost my Dual LAR Dominix to overwhelming damage - drones were being targeted a lot. All frigates except one had been taken out. The RAT BS's seem to go quite fast - they are suddenly very close and, with cruisers, doing tonnes of damage very fast - could not warp our quick enough.

Went back with Dominix # 2 to same instance of mission. No problem this time - only one frigate left and all cruisers and 2 BS's. Zor targets your drones and damages them quite fast both large and medium

Group 2 never materialised

Light Kinetic drones (Hornet) seem to have no problem damaging the Outpost HQ.
-- AbeDoo (2013-04-10 11:27:45)
Easy with Apocalypse.
1 Therm Hardener
1 Kinetic Hardener
-- GeldgeilGeld (2013-05-30 14:00:39)
-- SeventhPinnacle (2014-02-14 17:03:30)
Completed in Vexor Navy Issue with strong armor resists, single MAR II and sentry drones (Warden I). Would have used Gardes, but their optimal is too short. As already mentioned above, the NPCs inflict significant DPS at short range, so kiting them is a good strategy if doing this mission in a cruiser.

Easy and quick mission if you set your tank properly. Also watch out for drone aggro.
-- CaptNemo (2014-02-28 01:58:38)
Nearly got bombarded to wreck by Scourge Heavy Missiles in my Raven...
-- LunarShaddow (2014-03-06 04:53:51)
** 2014 July **
2mill in loot
-- AbadonnOne (2014-07-30 10:06:00)
14 december 2014
easy done in 10 min with rattle(gecko+sentry and 4x'meta 4 cruise launchers')
was surprized when got an Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link (61 MIL! - price in Jita) and Zor's Custom Navigation Link
other loot and salvag 3.4 mil
bounty 1.6 mil with full clear
-- MisterMolotov (2014-12-13 20:29:42)
got Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link, estimated price 62mil
-- SethKhamez (2015-02-02 10:46:35)
Dominix, T1 Light+Heavy Drones, 2 reps, 3x350mm guns..
Pocket 1.
Warped in at 70km. Took out group 2 easily.
Started to take out group 1, starting with the smallest while heading away from them.
Over time, Zorm, Seven Macleari and the cruisiers gained on me producing a lot of damage from over 100KM with Inferno Cruise Missiles. Managed to destroy them while using 1-2 reps and cap balancing.

Be careful because there are huge damage spikes
-- AribethThiesant (2015-03-02 22:54:42)
R and L Electronics has a FTDX3000D
RandL has link to Manufacturer info on the FTDX3000D here.
R&L has a link to the Eham review on the FTDX3000D here.
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