The Blood-Stained Stars

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Part IV: Queens and Drones

Royal Jelly

The rogue drone you and I both want has been spotted in a Deadspace pocket near one of our Stations, building a swarm of Drones. I think it's going to try and destroy that Station. There are fifteen people on that expedition, bring them all back home safely.
You have a chance here to save some lives and deal with that drone once and for all.

Objective: Evacuate the FR Personnel from the area (Habitation Module - Personal Quarters, 81km). You might get surprised by Rogue Drones. Stay on task, though.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Rogue Drones.

Drones spawn one or two at a time every 5 seconds but do not aggro unless attacked or approached within 10km.

6x Rogue Drones (Belphegor Apis)
4x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

12x Rogue Drones (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)
8x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

Blitz: Burn to the container, loot, return to base.

Bless you for saving those people. I know you didn't do this out of charity, but your help is appreciated anyway. You have been paid, but when you're ready, I have another lead on this drone.

Nature Pictures

I have a plan to help us track the Rogue Drone down. Up until now, we haven't had a chance to get a good look at the damned thing. The good news is that one of my Sisters was able to get holopics and scans of the drone that will help us track it down. The bad news is that she's doing missionary work near Guristas space. She can't broadcast the data to us without raising suspicion from the pirates, so she's going to leave a canister with the data as close to the edge of their space as she can. I need you to get that data and bring it back to me.

Objective: Transport the Encoded Data Transmission to agent.

Mission Type: Courrier.

Tracking or Scanning

While you were acquiring the data, I found two leads. One is a Gallente reporter who claims to have tracked the drone after you were near the Food Relief station. Another is a Caldari mercenary spy who says he has a formula that can help you scan for the drone. Both offers are time-sensitive, and we have to pick one now. I leave the choice to you: Which do you want to pursue?

Choose between Tracking the Queen against the Mordu's Legion or Bag of Blood opposing the Serpentis Corporation. Both missions have 3 parts.

A Scope reporter named Corin Risia managed to get some tracking data off the drone two days ago; the holos you got allowed him to confirm that it's the same drone. He's willing to sell us the data in exchange for extracting him from a Mordu's Legion outpost. Mordu's Legion are generally an honest group, but for some reason Risia needs to get out of there quickly. He thinks the Legion wants to kill him.

Go to Mordu's outpost and extract Corin Risa. He's afraid for his life, so expect anything.

Objective: Get the Scope reporter out of Mordu's Legion space and destroy his captors.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Mordus' Legion.

Looting Corin Risa triggers the spawn. Auto aggro.
3x Frigate (Mordus Gladius)

Slightly delayed. Auto aggro.
4x Frigate (Mordus Katana/ Bounty Hunter)

Blitz: Burn to the Wrecked Ship (40km), loot Corin Risa and return to Sister Alitura.

Risia said to thank you for the lift.

That was close. At least Corin's out of danger for the moment. We really want the tracking data for this drone. Luckily, he hid the data in a secure place. Can I trust you to take him to his hideout in a nearby station so he can transfer the data? Buying and selling information takes time, you know?

Objective: Transport Corin Risia to CBD Corporation Station in Attyn.

Mission type: Courier (1.0 m3).

Distance: 4 jumps (round trip).

Now that we have the data, we can deliver it to a more secure, untraceable Sisters of EVE location. If you could take the data to Arnon, I'd appreciate it. Don't worry, this is completely safe; you'll be fine.

Objective: Deliver the Drone Tracking Data to the Delivery Jetcan (31km), and return to me after the job is done.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Mordus' Legion.

Doesn't this seem odd to you? All these clandestine machinations for a single drone? I've sold more important information to seedier clients, and right in front of a Concord Station, no less. There's more to this whole deal than they're letting on.

There's the Capsuleer who took Risia from us! Get him!

Triggered by opening the Jetcan.
6x Frigate (Mordus Bounty Hunter/ Gladius)

Before we get the Mercenary's help, we need to get him out of a jam. This guy goes by the name “Wolf Burgan”. Yeah, it's stupid, but I'm willing to cut him slack because he's a damn good tracker. Wolf's been all over the universe and hunted damn near everything at some point.
You don't get that good without making a few enemies. Right now the Serpentis want his head in a bad way. Wolf may be a great captain, but he's not a Capsuleer. If he croaks, there's no resurrection. The Serpentis know it.

We're going to use this to our advantage. Thanks to a previous indictment, the local law at a nearby station has a sample of Wolf's DNA. You should have no trouble getting access to it just by virtue of being a Capsuleer. Bring me Wolf's DNA sample, and I can hatch my crazy scheme.

Objective: Pick-up Wolf Burgan's DNA at Poteque Pharmaceuticals Biotech Production in Attyn and transport it back to Sister Alitura.

Mission type: Courier (1.0 m3).

Distance: 4 jumps (round trip).

Let me just rush this over to the medlab... there. The body should be here in a minute.

Yes, the body's done. I had the techs at the cloning lab imprint Wolf Burgan's DNA on one of their blank slabs of biomass. If you were to take a tissue sample, it would come back as one hundred percent Wolf Burgan. Of course, the slab is completely inert and only vaguely human-shaped, but that won't be a problem once we blow it up.
There's a small outpost in Arnon, and the Serpentis are convinced that Wolf is hiding out there. Take the body and fly it to the outpost. Kill the Serpentis if you feel like it. You're going to place the fake body in the outpost, then fly away. This will activate the timed explosives Burgan planted.
To any observer it should look like you swooped in and took out Burgan yourself, and the charred body with his DNA should sell it.

Objective: Plant the fake body in the Outpost (Wolf Burgan Hideout, 27km). Any Serpentis kills are optional.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Serpentis.

Auto aggro.
6x Frigate (Coreli Guard/ Patroller/ Safeguard/ Watchman) Web/ Dampening

Auto aggro.
5x Frigate (Coreli Defender/ Patroller/ Watchman) Dampening
1x Destroyer (Corelior Soldier)

Triggered by placing Wolf Burgan's Body Double in the Hideout. Auto aggro.
4x Frigate (Coreli Agent/ Spy)
1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Spy)

We've secured Wolf Burgan's aid. Now all you need to do is fly out to a few of the hot spots where the drone has been spotted. Burgan's staying behind, but he'll be connected to your systems remotely. He'll update you as the situation changes. Listen to what he says. Wolf will point you in the right direction.

Objective: Track the drone with the help of Wolf Burgan.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Serpentis.

No Hostiles at location, the acceleration gate to the next pocket is at 25km.

Well, it looks like we missed the party. Something was here, but it's faint. Take that acceleration gate.
Another graveyard. Did that just-? How did it do that? What are you sitting there for, follow it!

1st Spatial Rift is at 15km. 2nd Spatial Rift is at 25km. 3rd Spatial Rift is at 14km.

1x Cruiser (Mysterious Drone) Quickly warps away

I've lost the signal. Whatever that thing is, it's hightailed it out of there. That's okay. I've got enough data here I know how to track it. With this we should be able to pin point its exact location. Come on back.

You followed it through a spatial rift of some sort? They aren't supposed to be able to do that... Drones, I mean. Now, your next mission.

Burning Down the Hive

Based on the data you've provided me, I was able to locate where the drone and its swarm is heading: Arnon. Do whatever it takes to destroy it.

Objective: Hunt down and remove all drones in the area.

Mission and Space type: Encounter, Deadspace with gate.
Faction: Rogue Drones.

All groups have a proximity aggro of 15km.

5- 6x Rogue Drone (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)
2- 3x Frigate (Decimator Alvi)
1x Cruiser (Mysterious Drone) Quickly escapes through gate

The drone has escaped through that acceleration gate (37km). Follow it.

8x Frigate (Infester/ Render/ Splinter Alvi)

6x Frigate (Raider/ Strain Infester/ Silverfish/ Strain Render Alvi)
1x Mysterious Drone Quickly escapes again

The drone has escaped through that acceleration gate (23km). Follow it.

You'll never get the secrets of the Rogue Drone!

5x Frigate (Decimator/ Render Alvi)
1x Cruiser(Wrecker Alvum)

1x Mysterious Drone Self-destructs shortly

1x Mysterious Ship Sends Message and warps away

Blitz: The gates are not locked you may warp through.

It's Not Over Yet

Dagan was the pilot leading the fleet that the drones first destroyed, and a known terrorist. He was supposed to be dead. It's very important that he is made dead. The Sisters consider this a top priority.
Dagan is heading for a system in Minmatar space. He can't have gone far. I'll connect you with Keita Eslin, Advisor to the Krusual Tribe. She can help you track down Dagan.
I've been to Minmatar space quite a few times myself, Jean Inkura. It's not so bad there, but just be careful where you wander and what you say. Their way of doing things can be a little rough around the edges at times, but I've also never known a Minmatar to not get a job done. In case you don't know, the Krusual can be a little sly. Just make sure this one looks after your interests, too. Still, I'm sure you can handle yourself.

Objective: Report to Keita Eslin at the Tribe Bureau Station in Hek.

Distance: 13 jumps.

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