The Seven's Brothel, level 2

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Reported by: ChepeNolon
Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic and/or Thermal
Recommended ships: Heavy frigates, Cruisers
Completed in: Pulse-laser Punisher MacLypse

Message On Warp In:

This is the location of one of Jakerion Pahydan's brothels. Jakerion is an infamous outlaw who controls a loose-knit criminal organization which split itself from the Serpentis a few years ago. 'The Seven' it is called, named after the small group of comrades within the Serpentis who founded the organization.

Jakerion's popular nickname, Zazzmatazz, is known by most Gallente Federation citizens from the hit movie 'Into The Deep', which portrays a few Gallente heroes who brave the 'Seven's' stronghold and rescue a damsel in distress.

Group 1 (70km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer)

Group 2 (40km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer, Seven Grunt )

Group 3 (60km)

2x Cruiser (Sarrah, Rogue Mercenary Thorn )

Group 4 (30km)

1x Tower Sentry Drone I, aggro after a few sec

You only need to destroy group 3 and mission is completed.

Warping out wherever and back in at 0m will change distances this way

The brothel is the only building that drops a can. (differs between dancers, janitors and homeless)


about 107.5m3
Kruul Wreck sometimes leaves his DNA in it

Rewards and Bonus
Reward: 98,000 ISK and 133 Loyalty Points
Bonus: 95,000 ISK for getting it done in 1 hour and 40 minutes

Total bounty
111,500 ISK

Blitz: 52 sec- 2:30 min
No Blitz: 1:24 - 5 min

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