Worlds Collide, level 4

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Faction: Serpentis & Guristas Pirates. Serpentis in the last pocket.
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic/ Thermal (Guristas), Thermal/ Kinetic (Serpentis)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ships: Dominix, Rokh, Drake, Maelstrom
Video: Dominix, Golem, Vargur

Due to drone aggro, the use of Heavy Drones is not recommended.

The Warzone (Warp in area)

You arrive at distance from two large groups (Serpentis and Guristas) guarding their respective gates. The gates are locked until you kill the last ship (see blitz).
The Guristas (Pith) ships will aggro your drones after a while.
The ships are sitting at a ~100km away from their gates, best to have some long range sniper ship or a fast one.

Serpentis Group (129- 136km)

4x Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
4x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Captain Sentry/ High Captain)
4x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral/ Flotilla Admiral)

Guristas Group (122- 125km)

2x Cruiser (Dire Pithum Eraser/ Dire Pithum Abolisher)
3x Battleship (Pith Exterminator/ Eliminator/ Pith Extinguisher)

Rare Spawn (25km)

1x Battleship (Overseer) Jamming

Gate to Serpentis Base is at 29km.
Gate to Guristas Base is at 26km.

Serpentis Base

Aggro at warp-in from one group. 4 Groups total.
All pretty close and can apply a lot of DPS if full room aggro occurs (which happens sometimes on warp-in).
Guardian Veterans may web and scramble. Battleships in all groups. And there's two Angel spies in the pocket.

Group 1 (7km, Beacon)

Auto aggro.
3x Interceptor (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Captain Sentry)
2x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral/ Core Flotilla Admiral)

Group 2 (25km)

Auto aggro.
1x Cruiser (Angel Spy)

Group 3 (25- 30km)

2x Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
4x Battleship (Core Commadore/ Core Baron)

Group 4 (25- 30km)

3x Frigate (Guardian Veteran) Web/ Scramble
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis High Captain)
3x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral/ Core Port Admiral)

Group 5 (25km)

1x Battleship (Overseer, see above) Jamming

Gate to the Research Outpost is at 21km.

The Serprentis Stonghold has a lot of HP and drops assorted ammo and modules (not worth the time).

Guristas Base

Group 1 (20- 30km, Beacon)

3x Frigate (Pithi Invader) Web/ Scramble
4x Cruiser (Pithum Eraser)

Group 2 (20- 30km, Broken Orange Crystal Asteroid)

2x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/ Exterminator/ Massacrer/ Ursuper/ Extinguisher)
2x Cruiser (Pithum Eraser)

Group 3 (20- 30km, Open Space)

5x Battleship (Pith Massacrer)
3x Frigate (Dire Pithi Inflitrator) Web/ Scramble

Gate to the Research Outpost is at 21km.

Distribution within the 3 groups not yet perfect. Haven't had time to sit back, relax and write it all down perfectly. Will do shortly.
Aggro from one. For me when I did shoot group 3, group 2 did aggro as well. A single Sansha's Demon is also spotted.
The ships will aggro other Fleet Members when they arrive.

Research Outpost (Common 2nd Pocket with Damaged Heron)

Warp in beacon is in the middle of 4 groups. Great for short range weapons. No web/ scramblers. Aggro from one group.
If you shoot only the aggro Group, you won't get stage aggro. After finishing the first group take an NPC near the gate and you will get aggro from the next group and so on.
There's a damaged Heron in the middle as a spawn container. Open it, and loot 20 "Ship's Crew" when you have destroyed close to everything.

Group 1 (5km)

Auto aggro

3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis High Captain/ Captain Sentry)
3x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral)

Group 2 (5- 10km)

Proximity aggro under 5km

3x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral/ Vice Admiral/ Flotilla Admiral) Sensor Dampener

Group 3 (5- 10km)

Proximity aggro under 5km

3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Wing Leader)
1x Battleship (Core Vice Admiral) Sensor Dampener

Group 4 (5- 10km)

Proximity aggro under 5km

3x Destroyer (Corelior Trooper/ Soldier)
2x Battleship (Core Commodore/ Port Admiral)

Gate to the Warzone leads back to the warp in area, the Warzone Stage.

Warp through the Guristas Acceleration Gate using Zbikoki's Hacker Card (obtained from Zor in the 'Right Hand of Zazzmatazz' mission). It will be consumed on activation.
Kill the 4 battleships to unlock gate. Kill Group 1 (spawns first) to "unlock" the Heron. It consists of 3 Battleships and 3 Battlecruisers.
When the last ship is destroyed, you can loot the crew from the Heron and leave.
None of the other groups that spawn soon afterwards aggro, and neither do they object to drones.

Optional Approach
Sniper [Sentry] fit with MJD. Snipe from warp in beacon in first pocket, best to Micro Jump right away to snipe in all other pockets unless heavily tanked.

The Overseer
The Overseer is a special ship [Dominix] that rarely spawn in the 1st room. It has, in its description: "Sometimes they hire a good pilot to fly their ships" and has a value between 487K and 4.8 mil. The higher value one has a MWD (moves at ~600m/s), but has low resists and doesn't aggro until you shoot it. It drops faction loot with a low possibility of a Serpentis Blueprint. It's spawn point is with the group that does not aggro at the beginning of the stage.

Loot and Bounty
Full clear.
Loot + Salvage: ~18.6 mil
Bounty: ~26.7 mil

Comment by CreatPosudol
2008-07-12 15:14:01
Another note for Serpentis Pocket 2: I flew away from the gate initially and started killing the group shooting me when the others were at about 35 km or so (not getting any more aggro). I then reapproached the heron to loot it and started shooting the other groups. Even though I was smack in the middle of them all I never had more than 1 group aggro me at once. No idea if they changed it or the flying away at the beginning removes the aggro-threat...
Comment by SilentSkills
2008-11-05 16:51:30
For gallente ship pilots: War zone is rail gun friendly, but both pockets are blaster friendly, targets within 15km.
Tank wise. 2xkin 2xtherm 1 LARt2 will be more than enough.
Bring medium or small drones for frigs.
Comment by ShukakuGaara
2009-01-11 19:58:04
took like 20-30 mins to clean just the serpentis on the first pocket because i was testing Wardens I dps. when i warped to the serpentis pocket 1 i found out that the overseer spawned just after the last wave on that pocket spawned, pity it was a low-end overseer.
Comment by UmbraArmanis
2009-04-11 19:35:46
Note for Guristas pocket:
Guristas overseer spawned just like serpentis overseer 12th april 2009, was only worth 431K so cannot confirm any faction drops
Comment by RickVic
2009-04-12 23:22:22
wife and i have done this mission 3 times ,,,,since the the new update and we have not found the Overseer 4/12/2009,,,before new update we always got the overseer and now cant even see the Serp battlestation on screen
Comment by CereBrixx
2009-04-28 17:52:23
I can confirm that the overseer does still spwn. i have done the mission 3 times and had it on 2 occasions. so happy hunting :D
Comment by CereBrixx
2009-04-29 06:51:41
*EDIT* overseer seems to take alot longer to spawn after recent update and DOES drop faction loot if the bounty is over 3 mill i have noticed.
Comment by AnaKrya
2009-05-09 15:10:30
Serpentis Pocket 2 : 32 roids of Veldspar
Outpost does not loot anything, same for Freight Pad.
Comment by SnoobLer
2009-05-12 12:02:36
I can confirm guri overseer drops faction loot. Bounty near 5mil and dropped a 15mil Guri ECM module. Got overseer on both sides that day, but Serp was low bounty/non-faction.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2009-06-05 10:56:04
I got the 3,700,000 ISK overseer. Dropped 1000 shadow thorium charges, and a quad LiF Fueled I Booster.
Comment by BorjinOne
2009-07-01 02:23:38
I have started to get heavy Exp DMG in Serpentis pocket one. had this mission last week with no difference from guide. Anyone know if changes made during update?
Comment by RickVic
2009-07-24 21:03:44
last nite wife and son and I did this mission and when we went into Guristas gate ,,my son got warp scram and couldnt warp out ,,first time seeing this in world collide anyone else had this
Comment by BalaNah
2009-07-25 14:55:57
Done this mission today. Encounter some exp damage (piranha light missiles) in Gurista pocket. Have'nt been scrammed in Gurista pocket. I suggest using light drones as my med Hammer II and Vespas II had difficult time blowing up the serp frigs. As in WC vs Angels and Sanshas, I left the Spy frigates alone, so my drones don't get aggroed.
Comment by Ze4K
2009-07-27 22:47:03
Done twice today... Easily tanked everything in a Domi with dual LAR, 2x kin, 2x ther and a DCII...

First time i had the Serp overseer spawn... Second time i got both the Guri and the Serp spawn... Only got faction stuff from the Serp dudes...
Comment by ZarinaD
2009-11-08 02:04:55
Warped to Serp pocket 2 and as soon as I started attacking group 1, got area aggro. No drones deployed.
Did something change?
Comment by MrTetsuo
2009-11-11 03:50:45
Done with Megathron 2 CCC, 1x Auxiliary Nano Pump, 1x Armor Kinetic/Thermic Hardener II, AB II, 2x Cap Rechargers, 1x Cap Power Relay, Damage Control II, 1x LAR II, 7x 425mm Railguns, 2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II, Faction Ammo and Caldari Drones (Hornet and Vespa + Drone Link Augmentor).

Long (about 1h30m) mission, if you want to kill all pirates. Only had to warpout once, because drones were on agressive and attacked the Guristas Spy (which aggros the entire room). Somewhat easy, if you don't shoot the spy on the 2nd rooms.

About 24M isks of bounties/rewards, 2000m3 of loot, circuit boards/armor plates/ward consoles as salvage (~40m of salvage time).
Comment by KainanJi
2009-12-21 11:32:54
Did this mission today as my 2nd lvl 4 mission ever..

The overseer was there allready when i warped in.. i got the high lvl one.. 4.875.000 mil. He dropped: 1x shadow serp large plasma smartbomb, 1x shadow serp electron blaster cannon, 1000x shadow iron charge, 1x quad LiF Fueled I Booster, and a few other low stuff..
Comment by GalenAchu
2010-01-03 11:24:13
There are now several angels in the serpentis pocket. Thats where the exp damage comes from.
Comment by Monsker17
2010-01-03 21:08:09
I did guristas pocket 1 immediately after the warzone stage, and i switched to my salvage ship, when I went to salvage it (before doing any of the serpentis gates) There was an overseer battleship in there (guristas pocket 1)
worth 1.05 mil.

Then when I finally got to serpentis pocket one, there was a lone serpentis overseer there already. Then the rest of the groups spawned in about 5 seconds.
Comment by CrucO
2010-02-08 22:00:10
Left this mission open when I went and did a six hour shift at work. didn't get either timed spawn...sad :(
Comment by WikiThaedius
2010-02-18 23:04:00
Just did this mission. Got the Guri Overseer, though I can't even find a bounty for him in my wallet on either character. Go figure. Dropped nothing except salvage.
Comment by WikiThaedius
2010-02-18 23:35:16
The Serp Overseer just popped up, on my 4th pass through the room as I was about to give up on him. 825k ISK, Shadow Core Port Admiral, zero loot.
Comment by CrucO
2010-02-25 21:52:23
Pith Cruisers at the entrance room now prioritize drones in targeting. Sorry Domi pilots.

Got the serpentis Overseer spawn. 3.75Mil bounty. dropped Shadow Serp. Large Iron Charge X1000, Shadow Serp Crystal tag, Shadow Serp. Magnetic Plating, and fleeting warp inhibitor I, among others.
2010-03-11 19:46:38
*sigh* Confirm pith Cruisers AND Battleships will switch aggro to drones... >_> Lost a Wasp I and a Vespa II before realizing
2010-03-19 11:15:42
Serpentis side will also aggro drones... Guardian Veterans and Captain Sentries in particular. Rear admiral as well, possibly. Basically, if you have drones out and red boxes turn yellow, recall them.
Comment by AntraMan
2010-03-24 20:55:19
Serpentis Overseer spawned the next day after I had salvaged the room but not handed in. Bounty was 4.875M and he dropped a Tech II Snake Alpha implant, 2 Meta 8 Serpentis Armour hardeners, Shadow Serp. Crystal Tag and 1000 Shadow Iridium L charge...
Comment by KusumFawn
2010-04-09 16:37:33
Guristas side ship count.
Group 1 (auto aggro)
5 x Pith Massacrer (bs)
2x Dire Pithum abolisher (Cruiser)

2 pith Extinguisher (BS)
2 Dire pithium abolisher (Cruiser)
1 pith Eliminator (BS)

Guristas spy x 1 (CRuiser)

Dire pithum abolisher x 3 (Cruiser)
Dire pithi Infiltrator (frigate)
Dire pithum eraser (Cruiser)
Dire pithi invader (Frigate)

Dire pithi arrogator x 1 (Frigate)

Overseer (BS)
Comment by Alomar82
2010-06-03 13:50:03
Not sure if im the only one that has encountered this. I've recieved this mission 4 times this week and it seems that there are no more Angel/Sansha spy's in the serp/gur rooms. These have now either been changed to serp/gur spy or removed completely.
Comment by ThatOnethere
2010-08-04 04:50:20
Myrm, with 2xKH2,2xTH2, 2xMAR2s, a bank of CR2s and faction appropriate drones.
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2010-09-19 10:45:24
For some reason I got full Serpentis pocket aggro at warp in, before firing a single shot. The DPS was quite intense.
Comment by JenkoRaa
2010-09-27 14:38:08
Confirming with VaerahVahrokha. Full aggro on pocket one without shooting/targeting a damn thing. DPS was heavy.

8x guardian veterans + 1x spy + 10x BS's

Was webbed by 4 of them scrammed by 2. First time my DNI tank has been broke, had to warp out and come back.
Comment by ForteEXE
2010-10-25 15:23:22
Mission is easy mode in a NIghthawk with 1x kin, 1x therm, 1x invuln. About 26M in bounties fully cleared. Takes about 5-15 minutes to clear a pocket depending on setup and etc.

Would assume Tengu is even quicker.
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2010-12-29 09:18:27
Some additional comments on my previous post:

- It looks like there's a bug: the Serpentis Spy may or may not spawn. If it doesn't then you get the full Serpentis pocket aggro.
If this is the case it's best to leave the mission immediately unless you have the gear and the skills to deal with huge DPS.
I survived with a Maelstrom with 2 x T2 Kin + 1 x T2 Therm hardener, cap booster 800 and Pith A-Type X-Large SB. Had to use all the charges. At the time I did not have Thermodynamics, else it'd be easier.

- The Overseer can also come in Navy Mega shape. His description is: "The Angel Cartel profits enough from its protection deal with the Serpentis Corporation for it to send its best and brightest pilots on guarding duty."
Comment by VaerahVahrokha
2010-12-29 09:21:10

- The Overseer will spawn even if you don't warp in / out etc. He may spawn 15 minutes or so after you shoot at stuff in the first room (the one with both faction gates), I could enter in the Serp Room and find him there already.
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2011-01-15 18:02:16
Def. a full aggro possibility now on both Gur and Serp pockets, and I observed the spies spawn in each, so it is not dependent on the spies failing to spawn. Full aggro on attacking one of the 3 initially attacking veterans on serp side.
Comment by AndurylReborn
2011-02-03 03:53:37
Full agro confirmed, in Gur you warp in
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2011-04-23 01:24:52
Got aggro from 3 groups in serpentis pocket 1, had 4 battleships and 5 webifiers on me at once, in addition to some cruisers. I quickly warped my raven out but my shields went from halfway to almost depleted in just the time it took to enter warp, while my X-large shield booster was running the whole time. Insane DPS, didn't do anything to get aggro.
Comment by ProteusCronus
2011-07-12 21:56:29
I think the recent changes with NPC jamming have made the Guristas more difficult. With a LADAR strength of 23.1 on my marauder (courtesy of two backup T2 arrays), I still got jammed a lot.
Comment by ProgHouseDJ
2011-09-21 13:27:46
Today when I ran this mission, the Overseer was already in the site. Didn't have to wait on him to spawn.
Comment by MaryJanet
2011-11-08 16:20:30
Just run the mission. Made Guristas room first, didnt move my navy mega, shoot the ones shooting at me, fired at one ship at the time at killed the ones shooting me. Made exactly the same in the Serpentis Room. In any room I got full agro, just 3/4 ships at the time. Took me 1h and 10m to kill everything and didnt got any of the overseers.
Navy Mega with 2 Therm Harderners t2, 2 kin, 1 LAR t2 and a 1600 plate rolled tungsten
Comment by ShakeThat
2012-01-25 07:12:34
Don't even think about run this mission with heavy drones. If you launch the drones, rats going to unlock you, and attack the drones. What kind of nonsense is that?
Comment by DarcelBlack
2012-01-27 04:22:23
Has something changed to this mission? It was one of my favourite ones to do. I usually run this with 2x Therm hardeners and 1x Kin (armor). I had an Imperial Navy LAR before and did it fine. I have since bought a Core X-Type and I was getting RAPED in the serps room. I even had to warp out which has NEVER happened before. I decided to add an extra hardener so I have 2x Kin, 2x Therm and I still get to like 10% armor and almost 0 cap. Wtf... Oh and I forgot to mention this time I ran it with my alt boosting, so I have an extra 10% armor + shield and I still get hurt BAD. Never ran it with him before. Seriously wtf is up with this mission?!
Comment by BasBoshoven
2013-02-16 12:41:14
easy mission if you have a good ship for beginning Level 4 pilots, its very hard lots of damage if you get to many aggro, so take care.

Money vs time this missions gets a Thumbs down from me, boring and low value,
Mission Ship: Scorpion Navy Issue
Omni Tank: 1014 (cap stabble, lazy fittings.)
Cruise Missles: 400ps - 130km range.
Drones: 5*Hobgoblin II - 78Dps

(low damage lazy farm ship, aggro full rooms.)

Salvage Ship: Noctis
High slots: 4*Small Tractor Beam I
High slots: 4*Salvager I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Low Slots: 3* Expanded Cargohold II
Rigs: 3* Medium Salvage Tackle I
Cargohold: 3.000m3 +-

Tractor Beam Range: 80km
Mission: Worlds Collide - Serpentis & Guristas
Mission Time: 90 Minits
Mission LP/Bounty/Reward: 4089LP - 32M

Salvage Time: 28 Minits
Salvage Value: 30M
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-04-01 15:29:30
Mission+Time Reward : 3.44M ISK, Bounty : 32M ISK, Salvage+Loot : 29M ISK, LP : 8274
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