The Blood-Stained Stars

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Part II: Automaton Impediment

Studying the Scene

Alitura said you needed more information about some kind of drone problem.
The Sisters have referred a few promising capsuleers in the past, so I'm willing to give you a chance, but I can't do anything else until this mess I'm dealing with has been taken care of. If you could retrieve some drones from Harerget, that would speed things up considerably.
You see, every drone in that system has ceased responding to signals. That just doesn't happen with Federation technology… unless the drones have been destroyed. Our research and development team needs whatever components still exist in order to analyze the remains.
Fly out there and bring back one of the drones – or any parts that might remain. You'll need to be careful. There were no signs of other ships in the system, so I have no idea what could have destroyed our drones.

Objective: Retrieve the Corrupted Drone Components and return them to the agent.

Encounter type: Deadspace, no gate.
Faction: Rogue Drones

1- 2x Rogue Drone (Belphegor Apis, aka Broken Duvolle Labaratories Recon Drone)
1- 2x Rogue Drone Frigate (Infester Alvi, aka Broken Duvolle Labaratories Recon Drone)

Blitz: Loot the objective from the container, return it to the Agent.

Rendering Assistance

A recently established colony still depends on Federation support for items they can't produce yet. Their last shipment of medical supplies was lost en route, and we think it may be due to rogue drone action. Regardless, this batch of supplies needs to get through. Lives are depending on it.

Objective: Deliver the Antibiotics to the Colonial Supply Depot (48km).

Lair of the Snakes

I told you I'd help if you helped me. Well, the Serpentis Corporation has just kidnapped one of CreoDron's top minds, Dr. Aspasia Castille. She was analyzing those drone parts that you recovered earlier. The information she has is critical to figuring out what's going wrong with the drones, but the Serpentis aren't going to let her go without a fight. They're planning to take her to their installation at Harerget. I want you to get there first. Destroy their base and the ships guarding it before the transport ship arrives.

Objective: Clear the area of Serpentis Pirates and ambush the Personnel Transport.

Encounter type: Deadspace
Faction: Serpentis

3x Frigate (Coreli Initiate)
2x Interceptor (Coreli Agent)

2x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Soldier) Trigger
3x Frigate (Coreli Patroller/ Watchman) Dampening

1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Spy) Trigger
3x Frigate (Coreli Patroller/ Watchman)

1x Personnel Transport (warps away shortly)

Data Retrieval

Since you destroyed the Serpentis research station, the transport ship headed to another location to make the transfer. Though we were able to intercept, both ships were lost in the course of the ensuing battle. However, we believe a Datacore containing Dr. Castille's notes may still exist.
Your task is to go to Harerget, locate the Datacore, and bring it back to me.
Be warned, all indications are that the ship was contracted by the Guardian Angels as part of their protection agreement with the Serpentis Corporation. I'm sure they'll send a ship to scan the wreckage and see what can be salvaged as well. They will be looking for some way to recoup part of their loss.

Objective: Retrieve Dr. Castille's Data Core from the Destroyed Ship (35km) and bring it to Agent Delphine.

Encounter type: Deadspace
Faction: Angel Cartel

5x Frigate (Gistii Hunter/ Impaler/ Nomad)

4x Frigate (Hunter/ Impaler/ Nomad)
2x Destroyer (Gistior Defacer/ Haunter)

6x Frigate (Gistii Gistii Nomad/ Outlaw/ Ruffian/ Thug) Target Painter
1x Cruiser (Angel Forward Scout)

Crossing Enemy Lines

The Datacore you recovered has proved interesting. Before her kidnapping, Dr. Castille found several oddities in the drone components. Honestly, it's created more questions than answers for CreoDron staff. As a sign of good faith, I'm going to share some information with you. Our drones are being corrupted by some other kind of drone. I need you to take some information to a friend of mine in Caldari space. They've also been suffering from drone problems recently, and this data may help him and his people. I need you to keep this quiet: Our friendship isn't exactly something we're broadcasting, not with both of our empires at each other's throats.
If you agree, I'll make sure the information is securely hidden on-board your ship. You'll never even know it's there; all you have to do is go and talk to Immuri Asaka, and he'll take care of the rest.

Objective: Report to Immuri Asaka in Hatakani.

Distance: 7 jumps.

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