The Blood-Stained Stars

Part III: Shadow Puppets

Passive Observation

We've been dealing with the same drone corruption described by Xarasier. We've managed to contain the contaminated ones inside a deadspace pocket, but that is only a temporary solution.
I need you to scout out the situation personally. I've been trying to get updates from my colleague in the field, but apparently she is having trouble getting clearance for outside communication. Fly over there and make sure the drones are still adequately contained. If they aren't, report back to me. Do not enter into any confrontations with the security forces attempting to contain the drones. Am I clear?

Objective: Scout out the drone hive and report back on friendly vessels.

Encounter type: Deadspace with gate.
Faction: Rogue Drones

Arriving out of warp it becomes immediately clear that whoever is handling security has little idea how to fight drones. Battleships patrol on the fringe of the swarm, seemingly oblivious to just how vulnerable they are without proper support from smaller vessels.

5- 6x Rogue Drone (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)
2x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

3x Rogue Drone (Mammon Apis)
1x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

6x Battleship (Caldari Navy)

Blitz: Approach the Drone Hive (75km), to about 25km for the mission objective to update, return to the Agent.

House of Records

The situation has gotten complicated. That current security deployment won't last long against those drones. The local commander, Vitimala, seems happy just to contain the drones, but that only buys the little bastards more time to escape or supplement their numbers.
I need to know more about the commander and why he doesn't seem to know what he's doing. I have a friend named Nachi Koruda working for the House of Records who should have those answers.
Fly over to the archives facility where she works and return to me with anything that might offer some explanations. It isn't glamorous work, but it needs to be done if we want to make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Objective: Courier mission.

Distance: 3 jumps (one way).

Mercenary Distractions

The situation we have is a delicate one. We can't go after Vitamala directly. Even though he doesn't really have a clue about what he's doing, he's too well-connected to displace without good reason. I'd expect this sort of thing from the Gallente, but not in the State. A man achieves rank because of his hard work and dedication, not because his father has friends in the bureaucracy.
Someone else can help with this situation, a true warrior and dutiful servant of the State. The first difficulty is in freeing up his schedule. If you can handle that part, I can deal with the paperwork for his reassignment.
He's currently on deployment in a nearby system, busy dealing with a mercenary force we believe to be funded by Guristas Pirates. If you can take out all of the Guristas ships, then I can arrange to have him reassigned to the drone problem.

Objective: Kill the Mercenaries protecting the Guristas facility, then report back to Immuri Asaka.

Encounter type: Deadspace
Faction: Guristas

3x Frigate (Pithi Infiltrator/ Invader)

An Economy Under Threat

Damn Vitamala! He wasn't coordinating with the Navy's emergency logistics division. There's a colony nearby that missed a shipment of farming supplies thanks to the chaos caused by these drones. If we don't make the delivery ourselves, then we risk their entire agricultural economy. Once you take these goods over to our fleet, they will deal with the rest; we can finally turn our focus towards the underlying cause of all these problems. You will need at least 150m3 of cargo space to make the delivery. Keep that in mind.

Objective: Drop the Farming Supplies to the Storage Warehouse.

Encounter type: Deadspace with gate.

No Hostiles at initial gate.

The Caldari forces look far better prepared this time around. "Anti-support" Frigates and Cruisers flank their larger allies, standing ready and able to deal with any smaller hostiles that come their way. If these drones try to escape, the faster and more agile ones won't slip past the amassed fleet so easily now.

8- 9x Rogue Drone (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)
0- 1x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

2- 4x Rogue Drone (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)

0- 2x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

11x Frigate (Caldari Navy)
11x Cruiser (Caldari Navy)
6x Battleship (Caldari Navy)

Blitz: Drop the item and return to the Agent.

Every Drone Inside

Normally, the local security forces would want to handle this drone threat themselves, but we're willing to contract the job out to a Capsuleer.
You'll have to go in alone while our fleet holds the line. I suggest you take some friends into the fight. The drones have been growing in number as more are corrupted and somehow find their way to the swarm.
Once you neutralize the threat, you should search the wreckage for something that will help with your investigation.

Objective: Neutralize every Drone inside the quarantine area.

Encounter type: Deadspace with gate.
Faction: Rogue Drones

No Hostiles at initial gate.

Auto aggro at 75 to 55km.
10- 11x Rogue Drone (Belphegor/ Mammon Apis)
4- 5x Frigate (Infester Alvi)

11x Frigate (Caldari Navy)
4x Cruiser (Caldari Navy)
6x Battleship (Caldari Navy)

Nice flying pilot. That's the last of the drones taken care of. Feel free to inspect the wreckage if you like but I just received an official transmission for you from the Sisters of Eve. Looks like they've got a new lead for you to chase up anyways.

A Sense of Dread

I've just been contacted by Sister Alitura – she wants you to get back in touch with her right away. Here, take this transponder beacon with you when you leave; that way I can know you've arrived safely.

Objective: Report to Sister Alitura.

Distance: 7 jumps.

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