The Seven's Brothel, level 2

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Reported by: ChepeNolon
Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic and/or Thermal
Recommended ships: Heavy frigates, Cruisers
Completed in: Pulse-laser Punisher MacLypse

Message On Warp In:

This is the location of one of Jakerion Pahydan's brothels. Jakerion is an infamous outlaw who controls a loose-knit criminal organization which split itself from the Serpentis a few years ago. 'The Seven' it is called, named after the small group of comrades within the Serpentis who founded the organization.

Jakerion's popular nickname, Zazzmatazz, is known by most Gallente Federation citizens from the hit movie 'Into The Deep', which portrays a few Gallente heroes who brave the 'Seven's' stronghold and rescue a damsel in distress.

Group 1 (70km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer)

Group 2 (40km)

2x Frigates (Seven Death Dealer, Seven Grunt )

Group 3 (60km)

2x Cruiser (Sarrah, Rogue Mercenary Thorn )

Group 4 (30km)

1x Tower Sentry Drone I, aggro after a few sec

You only need to destroy group 3 and mission is completed.

Warping out wherever and back in at 0m will change distances this way
The brothel is the only building that drops a can. (differs between dancers, janitors and homeless)


about 107.5m3
Kruul Wreck sometimes leaves his DNA in it

Rewards and Bonus
Reward: 98,000 ISK and 133 Loyalty Points
Bonus: 95,000 ISK for getting it done in 1 hour and 40 minutes

Total bounty
111,500 ISK

Blitz: 52 sec- 2:30 min
No Blitz: 1:24 - 5 min

Comments [Hide comments]
Comment by MollyMayhem
2008-09-06 17:47:50
I blew up the brothel thinking I'd get some loot and ended up with 10 units of Janitor.
Comment by OutoOma
2008-09-10 15:51:22
I got 10 Exotic dancers from brothel
Comment by MrBraetaec
2009-02-03 00:44:34
Kruul's DNA from his ship can be used in LP Store
Comment by ZakowskiJ
2009-02-03 02:36:28
Is Kruul's DNA a drop that is supposed to appear every time?
I didn't see any on my run.
Comment by IonMineru
2009-02-04 23:34:55
the tower also dropped a can, but with some useless junk in it
Comment by GreyGal
2009-06-03 00:14:45
I got 10 homeless from the Brothel
Comment by Flaming111
2009-07-22 14:00:35
killed mission fine in retribution
Comment by DaedeAris
2009-12-29 16:14:17
The Space Type is Deadspace.
Comment by PeterDomsten
2009-12-29 21:12:07
it should be noted that one of the cruisers may be using EM heavy missiles, and thats pretty bad for caldari ships, so you should consider fitting a EM hardener if you fly around in a caracal or a drake or something in that alley
Comment by BillC
2010-01-18 20:14:48
tower was a junk can 4x. DNA didn't drop in 4x.
10 janitors, then 10 dancers. then 10 janitors.
NOTE: Group 1 aggro'd as soon as i hit boss every time. Thorn was only here 1x, Sarrah 2x, and some other named other times.
Completed easily in avg equipped Dramiel.
Comment by OriensD
2010-04-13 05:39:49
Tower Sentry Drone I

10x Exotic Dancers or 10x Janitors
Comment by ShivasieM
2010-05-20 14:08:44
Any size ship can do this mission. I took a BC in to see if I could.. no problem.
Comment by HelwigStromgald
2010-06-30 23:56:13
10 x Homeless
Comment by DrRoic
2011-04-21 04:09:02
Total bounty was 111,500 ISK
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-20 03:50:30
Instead of two Thorns group 3 can consist of 1 Durim (Frigate?) and 1 Rogue Pirate Escort (Cruiser?), with killing them sufficient for completion.
Comment by JohnParmelee
2011-07-22 18:30:56
I got the same results as as DrRoic.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2011-10-08 16:49:17
Kruul showed up here instead of one of the Seven. He still died quickly, though.
Comment by Cow101
2012-01-04 00:23:33
Space type says deadspace but my arbitrator was able to use a MWD, would recommend a blitz if you don't have a decent tank.
Comment by TheNetdoctor
2012-11-30 14:47:39
Punisher :p
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-01-15 03:04:14
It's bad when we know so much about one mission.CCP really needs to start making the missions more random, and they need to make some more.
Comment by KathrineEnaka
2013-06-04 02:06:32
Insanely simple in a passive tank Corax with poorly trained light missiles... Don't know what people are complaining about with Caldari ships and blitzing.

Also got Krull (and his DNA) instead of Sarrah, and 10x Exotic Dancers, Female.
Comment by ThisIsMyName
2015-02-03 03:52:22
10 Exotic Dancers, Female.
Completed in meta fit thrasher on 2d old character.
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