Epic Arc Mission Reports

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This child page displays the full list of Epic Arc missions.
It removes all unrelated clutter from the parent page Mission Reports.

You may bookmark this link if you are only doing Epic Arc missions.

Sisters of Eve (Level 1)

Blood-Stained Stars, The About the Arc
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 1 : Quality Of Mercy
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 2 : Automation Impediment
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 3 : Shadow Puppets
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 4 : Queens And Drones
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 5 : Shifting Foundations
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 6 : A Breach Of Trust
Blood-Stained Stars, The Chapter 7 : Closing In

Angel Cartel (Level 3)

Angel Sound Chapter 1 : Rapture
Angel Sound Chapter 2 : Utopia / Chapter 2 : Heaven
Angel Sound Chapter 3 : Paradise

Guristas (Level 3)

Smash And Grab Chapter 1 : Probationary
Smash And Grab Chapter 2 : For Fun and Profit
Smash And Grab Chapter 3 : Internal Security

Amarr (Level 4)

Right to Rule Chapter 1 : Interference
Right to Rule Chapter 2 : Spiderweb Politics
Right to Rule Chapter 3 : The Old Guard / Chapter 3 : Alike Minds

Caldari (Level 4)

Penumbra Chapter 1 : Proof of Intent
Penumbra Chapter 2 : Blackness Rising
Penumbra Chapter 3 : The Bottom Line

Gallente (Level 4)

Syndication Chapter 1 : Impetus
Syndication Chapter 2 : Eagle Grip / Chapter 2 : Scoping The Scene
Syndication Chapter 3 : Inertia

Minmatar (Level 4)

Wildfire Chapter 1 : The Passage
Wildfire Chapter 2 : Songs of the Past
Wildfire Chapter 3 : Revelation
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Wildfire chapter 1 title is "The Passage", chapter 2 is "Songs of the Past"
-- LanStaz (2009-09-08 18:02:12)
Wildfire chapter 3 title is "Revelation" and needs a new link on this page
-- LanStaz (2009-09-21 16:39:25)
Penumbra Chapter 1 is called Proof of Intent
Penumbra Chapter 2 is called Blackness Rising
Penumbra Chapter 3 is called The Bottom Line and needs a link
-- DograN (2009-10-19 13:16:35)
Penumbra Chapter 3 has at least these missions:-
A Difference of Opinion (Travel)
Learning by Doing (Travel)
The Price of Silence (Combat)
-- DograN (2009-10-19 13:29:34)
I can confirm what DograN has reported.
-- SandorKreja (2009-10-20 12:44:49)
The Price of Silence - Combat
at least 8 Caldari Cruise Missile Batteries
2 Caldari Stasis Towers
4+ jamming rooks
4+ jamming buzzards
6 moa's
6 ravens + 1 commander
2 merlin types
lots of jamming & webbing.
Needed a team to sort this mission.
-- DograN (2009-10-21 17:29:27)
Amarr Alternative Arc choice was big enough to warrant its own page, needs a link
-- SyphurouS (2009-11-24 04:39:43)
Caldari Penumbra - The Price of Silence:
Easily soloable in Tengu with 2x Sensor Backup Array II in lows. Got jammed twice during whole mission. Both stasis towers are extremely weak and practically insta-poppable, would advise to take them out first. With Tengu's tiny signature, torpedoes deal 5-10 damage, rest is also relatively harmless.

If you worry about you own DPS, take down the rooks/buzzards first, then redock and swap Sensor Arrays for damage mods. I didn't bother, but could probably save a few minutes in the long run.
-- OtanaSpace (2010-05-16 10:40:47)
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YAESU FT1900R, FT-1900R , 2m 55W MOBILE
RandL has link to Manufacturer info on the FT1900R here.
R&L has a link to the Eham review on the FT1900R here.
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